Short and Sweet

Storyline sheet

2-5 people

Tammar Warpweave and Diccionario go on adventures and run a soda fountain in Stormwind.

Along the pathway running along the outside of the Cathedral District in Stormwind, about halfway between the bridge to the Dwarven District and the bridge to the Trade District, is a little hole-in-the-wall shop:

Short and Sweet Storefront

An easel with a large hand-painted sign sits on the porch, facing the street. In large, fancy blue letters, it reads:

  Short and Sweet Soda Fountain
The Finest New-fangled Fizzy Drinks
              Frozen Confections
     Tammar Warpweave and Diccionario, Proprietors

The shop door is usually propped open except in inclement weather. Inside, the atmosphere is cozy, with chairs and tables set up around the shop and bookcases everywhere.

Along the right side as you come in is a long counter with odd, arcane-looking machinery set up in the space beneath it. Every so often, one of the machines will hum to life, buzzing and ticking and sending a pool of frosty air spilling out over the wooden floorboards. The whole shop smells of fruits, both exotic and familiar (and perhaps artificial, as well), overlaid with the scents of vanilla, chocolate, and kola nut.

((More details on the guild's event page, including a map, a menu, and an overhead view of the shop layout.))