Shadows of the Void

Storyline sheet

20+ people

Years later we find the Lady Martin, living a calm life at Martin Manor, she has been living peacefully for some time, raising her's and Esmond's son Lucius (2 year old). It turns out that as she's been isolated, a sickness is taking hold of her. Something she's hiding for fear of what may happen if others find out. Black tendrils are forming on her skin at the base of her neck and branching out. Hue'd in purple they grow slowly but are growing. She is feeling her connection to her power fading and struggle to slip back into the dark shadows once again. The only thing she can be sure of is this is trying to take over and no one knows what it is. She has to come out of isolation, seek help, explain to the man she left without a single word or reason that he has a son, and that she is dying. 

((My inspiration for this is simple, we finally have a huge platform for Shadow Priest to really be something incredible in RP. I've been doing nonstop research on the void, the Black Empire, the Great Dark. I am trying to stick with Lore and not bend it, but draw it into an interesting storyline. I hope that the server likes this and adapts, that it is something that other guilds can use, and tie together groups who normally wouldn't interact. I hope you like it, I've been working on this and writing it out for several months.))