Storyline sheet

20+ people

*Posted on signs among Alliance settlements, among those attacked by the WARPATH is the following message, written on parchment.*

"Citizens of the Alliance, and brothers and sisters of the Light, there is a time for Peaceful negotiations, and there is a time for Battle.

Now is the time for Battle.

The Horde has a deep history of war. My people, the draenei, know this best. And while the Light teaches us forgiveness, it also teaches us about Retribution- Penance must be served for crimes.

The Horde has attacked every Alliance capital, and smaller settlements surrounding them recently. They called them "WARPATHs". When in fact, they were bloodbaths; acts against the Light itself. Innocents were slain, orphans created and left without parents, and families ended in a single act.

The time for Peaceful Negotiations has passed. The Horde must answer for their crimes.

The time for RETRIBUTION has come.

Those who wish to join in this Holy Penance against the Horde would come to the Exodar, at the end of the week. We will discuss the coming actions.

We do this not of Vengence, but out of Penance. War is a unfortunate consequence we cannot simply look away from.

Light bless you all

-Sholaad of the Hand of Argus. "


(Much rumored, but finally in action. The time for RETRIBUTION is here, RPers/ RPpvpers/ PvPers, of the Alliance!

Much like the Horde's WARPATHs this will be an ongoing story for the Alliance. But before there is any bloodshed, we'll be doing a roster startup, and a series of battleplans in Alliance-organized-structure.

All RPers are welcome to come and support, antagonize, and react appropriately.

Date: Saturday, January 28th
Time: 6pm Server
Location: Exodar, Vindicator's Sanctum

See you there!:)