Rebuilding the Outland

Storyline sheet

20+ people

Hey, guys! I'm starting a continuation of Outland's storyline. It's been a while since I've RP'd, but I really think this could go places. I hung up a few of these around Ironforge and some other places ICly, so... here you go. Please feel free to assume that it's in a language you know.))

Sha'tari Recruitment Flier

To whom it may concern,

     The heroes of the Burning Crusade have long since moved on, but the Outland is still in need of heroes. Millions of refugees - impoverished, downtrodden, even hunted people - seek to rebuild their homes and return to their families. If you are able, from preparing meals to slaying demons, we need your help.

     This is your chance to do something heroic, reader. The city of Shattrath can compensate very well for your services, too.

     Sha'tar recruitment efforts are widespread, albeit sparse. Our mages based in Ironforge, Gadgetzan, or the Echo Isles can provide you with a portal to the Outland.

Sincerest thanks, 

Arbiter Téméraire