Blood for Blood

Storyline sheet

6-12 people

An old witch tries to bring back everything she lost.

Major players thus far:

Martial Henry Bridges: 

An officer of the homicide department in the Stormwind guard. A veteran of numerous cases, sometimes it felt like he's seen it all. That is, until bodies carved with runes that even the scholars of the King didn't recognize started to turn up.


Sergeant Margot Freeley:

Bridges' protege, Margot showed promise as a guard early on in her service. Taken under the wing of Bridges, Margot's skills have been honed so that one day, she can take his place. 


Muirnall MacMillan:

The matriarch of a nearly dead clan from northern Gilneas. Her life has been that of blood, sorrow, loss, and shadow. When nearly her entire clan was wiped out during the Forsaken invasion of Gilneas, the old witch came to the decision that it was time to put the control of her fate and that of her clan into her own hands. Murder, dark magic, and deals with those of the shadow realm are no longer below Muirnall in her quest to resurrect her five dead daughters.


Alwynn Morrenwell:

Granddaughter of Muirnall MacMillan, Alwynn was not raised with any knowledge of her grandmother. Her father, Liram MacMillan left the confines of the MacMillan forests to start a new life in the capitol city, much to the behest of his mother Muirnall. When the old woman learned that her son had two children, and her only two grand children, the old woman took Alwynn under her wing and taught her all the Old Ways of their people despite the young girl growing up in the modern and suffocating world of central Gilneas. Now married, widowed, and the mother of a young girl in Ironforge, Alwynn's loyalties to her grandmother and dying blood line and the safety of the people she considers her new family are tested.


Lius Brethil:

A Forsaken doctor who spends his days in a house on Raven Hill. The ex Alliance soldier's frayed insanity and lack of regard for human life made him the perfect man to take care of the bodies that Muirnall no longer needed. The old woman can't help but feel as if the dead man reminds her of someone from her past, and it makes the idea of killing him on the spot a matter of retaining the few old memories of a past, happy life or killing the Forsaken for being one of the people that destroyed her home.