Beauty and the Beast

Storyline sheet

2-5 people

I am looking for a RP partner to start a personal plot that has been mulling in my head for a while. It is a romantic plot that I hope would lead to, once established, branching out into other forms of RP and adventures as a team. Serious people please only reply.

The Plot:

Think: Beauty and the Beast meets historic medieval arranged marriages.

Your character is a bit of an asshole - cocky, pompous and perhaps a bit cruel and a brute. Whether there is a reason for it or not is up to you. Yet you are of a noble family and it is your duty to marry whether you like it or not. The father of a beautiful daughter of one of Stormwind's prestigous noble families has been rumored to be in search of a nobleman that will bring  stability and prosperity for his lands through an arranged marriage. Either you, or your family, choose this for you though you are not happy about it. 

Ideally, our characters would get married in an arranged marriage. My character would be hateful of your character, resisting you at every turn. Perhaps when speaking with her, you blackmailed her with some secret to force her into accepting and marrying you? Your character will be resentful of having to be here as well and will take it out on my character through various ways. Either way, the wedding takes place. 

Then, over-time (min. a week, prefer longer development), they start to get to know one another. Perhaps she learns of a dark past that made him this way or sees a spark of good in him. From there we will see how it goes.

From there any plot hooks I would be open to: adventures, family...whatever

Applicant's Character Must Be:

  • Male
  • Nobility (any)
  • Human, Worgen, or Elf (Kal'dorei, High Elf, or Highborne)
  • A bit cruel, brutish, arrogant, pompous - a right ass (on the surface)

My Character Is:

  • Female
  • Nobility
  • Human
  • Paladin (OOC only, not IC - will see if RP opens up for her to be it IC later)
  • Obedient, dutiful for her father and people but also spirited and willful. Kind to others at the expense of herself. A firm believer in the Light.


So yeah, Beauty and the Beast meets medieval arranged marriages. 

To speak to me about going for this plot line, please message me either here OR in-game through the mail system. I am on the Alliance Side of Wyrmrest Accord Server and my character's name is Chianarra.

Thank you for your time looking this over. I hope to hear from you soon.

Please no griefers.