Storyline sheet

2-5 people

The Firelands are riddled with dead.

They choke narrow clefts in the parched landscape, packed densely between loose stone and abandoned cover. The sweltering heat of nearby magma bakes and breaks their skin, and the ground drinks up their blood with greedy thirst. It's not the first time he's seen a corpse; It is the first time he's seen one as anything less than a Mender in a very long time.

Ahead, a scout with his party picks her way across the wasteland. Like him, she is Kaldorei, and her feet always find their mark. He moves with a unit of four as their fifth wheel; An untrained caster, a liability, weakened by vigorous travel and the unwelcome taint of Spellsickness. Fledgling magecraft and beginner's shadowmancy have robbed his body of form and fitness. Marius drags behind, and the scout is always watching. She has a kind smile.

"Brother, you have not known magic very long." She begins. Her eyes light up, then. She knows his name.

"-You are a healer, are you not?"

"No. Not anymore."

And so they travel again, and the others trade glances. Marius could listen when they whisper, but he prefers not to. He is here, in war, as the product of six long years; Ailing, dismissed as meddlesome, widowed and broken. Not for the first time, he pauses as they walk and tilts one ear to a distant screaming.

The big one-- the largest man in their party-- snorts and rolls his shoulders. He is a Druid of the Talon, and a trio of sharp fangs jangle against his breastplate as he turns to bark in Marius' direction. They are each as large as a human hand.

"Keep moving. Did you come here to die?"

He thinks on that, and eventually he follows.



Hi guys!

'Battlemender' is meant to reflect many of Marius' experiences/thoughts during his recent 'leave of absence', so everything that occurs during this storyline will have taken place from early August into late September/October; About two-and-a-half months. The objective of the concept itself is to One: Help me understand the development of my main character and founder of The White Sigil, and Two: To give my guildmates and friends some in-depth history behind Marius, TWS, and the goings-on behind the scenes that are rarely fleshed-out or explained fully. Various characters/membership may make cameo appearances throughout the project, and the content will be presented in a mixed-media ensemble of storytelling, sequential art, screenshots and illustrations that will resolve Marius' trials and herald the beginning of another storyline: The rescue of Salarous and Alexandria. Their deaths are what prompted Marius' spiraling out of control, and Battlemender is- in essence-- a return to Himself. (-No one likes an emoMarius. It's icky.)

Please note that some of the content included in this storyline will be filtered 'mature' for relative degrees of adult/violent/taboo content. Additionally, I apologize if I seem conceited by centralizing a plotline around my character; I'm doing this mostly for myself and my guild, and I'm featuring it on WRAnet as part of our beta-process to test the Storyline tool as an active mechanic. :D