Alliance Storyline: The Rise of Cult Sha'ra

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The Alliance Storyline: The Rise of Cult of Sha’ra

A threat has been made towards the Argent Crusade up in the Plagueland Regions.  One threat that could cause a destructive havoc on the lives of Azeroth, and relive the haunting nightmares of those involved with the Lich King’s era.  The name of this upcoming chaos?

Cult Sha’ra.

This dark force has been influenced by the Legacy of the Lich King: rising those of the dead or to kill off those of the living to join their forces.  Their target: all of the Eastern Kingdom.  Many have joined their rankings, and they have began to spread all across the northern region.  Creating an unforgivable magi that could transfer those souls to the dead, they have begun their process of Soul Transfer.  Civilians have gone missing, or have been found in the rankings against the Cult of Sha’ra.

Desperately, the Argent Crusade has begun to seek for heroes on the Alliance to come and assist with the situation… Starting off with recruiting small guilds that have the time to assist them. 

You have been chosen heroes. Come forward and assist the Argent Crusade against the Cult of Sha'ra... 

Come forward and write a new story. 

Contact Lunaxia in-game, or /join RoleplayForStory for more information on the Alliance side.  

Everyone is welcomed into the storyline!