Adventure Time with the Wheatons

Storyline sheet

20+ people

For those who are familiar with the Wheatons, little more needs to be said than their names for smiles and laughter to abound.  For those who are not, let me tell you a little bit about them.

They are crazy.  They are a laugh-a-minute.  They like to do wild things and often times do these things with an absolute disregard to their safety.  There is no river too deep, no mountain too tall, no orc to smelly, no bar too full.  They love and fight with the intensity of dragons.  Getting caught in their crossfire is probably frightening for some people, but you could not ask for two people who are more loyal to each other and the people they care about.

Llew is a scoundrel of a human who didn't get the memo that he is middle-aged and that he is on the verge of a heart attack from decades of heavy smoking, drinking and drug use.  Somewhere along the line he lost an eyeball to an ice whip, he broke his femur by repelling into a cave with a rope that wasn't secured, had the barrel of a shotgun poking him in the bum (don't ask).  He loves cigars, motorcycles and women.  Boy does he love women.  He was quite the ladies' man, but he's married now.  Sorry.

Sidoni is a fiery-tempered red-headed ex-pirate.  She is nearly half her husband's age, and she is not afraid to remind him of that.  She is still a Captain though currently without a ship, and heads up a motley crew of sailors who are fiercely dedicated to her.  She has probably more scars than her husband because she never shies away from a fight.  In fact, she's usually the one who starts them.  And usually with her husband.

Due to unfortunate life circumstances, the Wheatons have found themselves nearly penniless and "homeless".  Because of this, it is Adventure Time.

So here is where YOU come in. 

Sidoni's player (Nicene) and I have a lot of experience DMing sessions for people, and we both really enjoy doing so.  We have ran storylines for guilds and non-guild groups alike.  What we'll be working on now is probably once a week, either scheduled or at random, the Wheatons will be doing something crazy like scaling Redridge Mountain, or spelunking in Wailing Caverns.  What we want is World RP.  What we want is for people to join us! 

We want to DM for you!  With Those Crazy Wheatons as your guides!

If you would like to set up a time/date/place to participate in one of these amazing activities, send Nicene or myself a PM here, or a note in game to Sidoni or Wheaton.  Or, if you see us online, just randomly show up and ask for an invite.

We are MORE than okay with cross-faction activities, too! 



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