A Spell of a Different Kind

Storyline sheet

2-5 people

After months of research and planning, Yuyuko Leyleaf feels ready to create a new spell to help her ease of travel in the event her companion, Musho, would not be around at times in her life...
However it would not be an easy task. Though her Arcane affinity is strong, she is not without her limits. In order to create the spell and make it a reality, Yuyuko will have to find four other people in any way she can. From flyers and even through word of mouth, 

"Dear Citizens of Stormwind,
I, Yuyuko Leyleaf, am in need of four brave and trustworthy people to aid me in a task to create an illusion spell. The tasks we must take will take a while to complete and the locations that we will be going are harsh and Unforgiving. If you are up to the call, please send a letter with the following flyer and your name in the Mail and addressed to Me. Your task will not go unrewarded...for once we finished the spell, I promise a very wealthy reward for each of you."

The call has been issued and a Journey will begin. But will it end with success?