A Frost tressed Brotherhood

Storyline sheet

6-12 people

Long ago before the seige of Kael'thas in Northrend, two brothers, Neftinar and Kama'zlek lived in quite peaceful harmony. After the constant brutal attacks of the Scourge, soon followed by the Sin'dorei, the Drakkari grew restless and soon, chaos began to sow it's way upon the small group. Influenced by the Old God, Yogg-saron, Kama'zlek slaughters a regiment of Sin'dorei, while Neftinar manages to save a single member. That single elf inreturn, manages to pay the favor back, with fire..

Long after joining the Twilight's Hammer, and soon the Forgotten. Kama'zlek seeks to finally fulfill his life's true goal, gain ascendancy under the leadings of his God and finally destroy his treacherous brother, Neftinar, for something that happened oh so long ago.

Once a Hunter, now a Shaman after Kama'zlek had ripped off his bow arm and cast him into the molten depths of Blackrock mountain, Neftinar seeks justice, hoping to end his evil brother's reign once and for all..