Guilds & Organizations FAQ

What are the Guild & Organization Pages?

The Guild & Organization pages are a place for users to create a profile for their WrA guilds & non-guild meta organizations, respectively. They provide a resource to help with advertising your crew, as well as functionality to link to your in-character blogs, Storylines, forum posts, etc.

The Guild & Organization pages are open to all users with no cap on the number of character pages you can make, although some rules do pertain to the types of pages you can make (see below).

When is it a Guild Page & when is it an Organization Page?

Guild Pages are straightforward – they’re intended for chartered guilds on the server, even single-member vanity guilds.

Organization Pages are intended for recurring meta-groups that are active in-game, but are not an official chartered guild. These could be anything from a Blood Knight contingent patrolling the Ghostlands to recurring story circles to an Alliance soup-kitchen.

Where do I browse the/how do I make a Guild/Organization Page?

On the tab bar at the top of any page of the site are the Guild & Organizations tabs – clicking those will take you to the search functionality of the directory. At the top of each section is a link to create your own page by clicking on the “add a guild/organization sheet” text.

How do I link a Blog Entry to my Guild/Organization?

The Guild or Organization Page must be created in advance of linking your post to that entity.

When creating a new Blog entry, at the bottom of each page is a section called “In-character information.” In the field titled “Storyline,” type a few letters of your guild or organization’s name – a drop-down list will appear of suggested results. Pick your intended selection from this list, which will auto-populate the field.

Are there any additional rules/guidelines for the Guild/Organization Pages?

There are always rules! Breaking some of them will get you into less trouble than others, but additional to these pages are the following guidelines:

  1. Very limited use of Canon Organizations. The Organization Pages are meant as a game/community resource, not as a directory of notable game organizations. If you think it’s important that people know the story of the Silver Hand, is already a fantastic resource of all things canon.

    Obviously if your Guild or Organization is based off of a canon entity, the rules slide more in your favor. An example of this would be an organization for Silver Hand paladins, or a Farstrider patrol. We ask that this be an active part of your character’s concept – ie, don’t create a Silver Hand Organization because your character passively is in the Silver Hand – be using that portion of their story in some manner. It is recommended to make these sort of organizations a specific sub-group of the organization -- rather than "The Silver Hand", something more like "Crusaders of the Silver Hand" (implying it being a specific, smaller group of paladins). If in doubt, run it by a mod/admin first.
  2. No Guild/Organization pages for other groups. Keep the pages to groups of your own creation – if you know another guild that plays a major role in your guild’s story, please encourage them to come to the site and make their own page. This will not keep you from detailing the relationships between the two groups in your guild/organization’s profile.
  3. Keep it under the Mature Content limit. No matter how violent a war your guild is waging against the Scourge or how raunchy your story nights get, remember that the profile of your Guild/Organization is visible to all users. As such, it is expected to fall within the Mature Content guidelines.

    However, content linked to your guild/organization that is appropriately flagged as Mature will not appear on the preview summaries and may be linked freely.
  4. Respect the general site guidelines. Pretty obvious one – if it would break the rules of the site somewhere else, there’s no place for it in your Guild/Organization page.