Rules and Code of Conduct

Wyrmrest is a moderated community. This is a place for community discussions, sharing of artistic expression and creativity, RP social networking and fun. The members here will treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy in order to let the community thrive in a respectful and civilized manner. We aim to maintain a friendly, civil atmosphere where all members can enjoy the community.

The following rules and Code of Conduct are your guidelines for expected behavior on the forums. Forum moderators and administrators are authorized to address any behavior that is inappropriate, offensive, or that does not abide by these rules. Site access is a privilege, not a right. Failure to abide by the rules may result in suspension of access to the site. Disciplinary action is taken and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Please respect your community member and maintain civil behavior. - There are human beings behind every computer. Please do not call people 'morons', 'idiots' or any flaming and insults. Even if someone is being a jerk, please do not return the same hostility. Report behavior or rule-breaking to the moderators so appropriate measures can be taken to mediate the situation.

The following are behaviours that will not be tolerated on the site and will result in corrective action by the moderators:

  1. Abusing moderators' PM or the Report feature. Do not send false alarms by hitting the Report button on posts you simply disagree with, as a joke, or just to get special attention from us. Do not send us altered information or questionable sources with the expectation that we will act on this as definitive evidence.
  2. Personal attacks and comments intended to hurt other members. This is subjective and can vary from user to user, so you are advised to use caution and reason when posting, especially if you are engaging in a friendly debate. Real life threats, insults, or inflammatory comments will not be tolerated. If you've got a private/inside joke with your friends that involves any of those things, keep it in PM. 
  3. Spamming and trolling. The following behaviors (though offenses are not limited to just this list) fall under the heading of spamming or trolling the site, and are not permitted:
  • Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish.
  • Hijacking (E.g.: Posting your art in a thread clearly titled to showcase one artist's works)
  • Posting off topic. Derailing or threadshitting threads.
  • Causing disturbances in forum threads, such as picking fights or inciting fights between others.
  • Making non-constructive posts (e.g., one word replies, emptyquoting). 
  • Numbering a thread, IBTL, TLDR, or any other fad statements (E.g. '1st!', '2nd post!')
  • Thread necromancy: Reviving an old thread for no reason other than bumping it to the first page
  • Replying to a thread simply to call the author a troll (regardless of whether the post is actually trolling)
  1. Public discussions about real life religion, politics, or excessively aggressive beliefs on social or current issues. Discussions of religion or politics are limited to private messages only. You may not send random site members messages extolling your beliefs. Remember that this site is primarily for community discussion about World of Warcraft and Roleplay. Your commentary and opinions on off-topic issues, especially if strong, may be better suited for a personal website such as Blogger, Tumblr, LiveJournal, etc. 
  2. Racial/Ethnic, sexuality and religious hatred. Do not use slurs on this website, and do not promote hate speech. 
  3. Bypassing an account ban or private message block by creating multiple accounts. Do not attempt to make multiple accounts on this forum. If you cannot access a previously created account, please contact a moderator or the administrator (Samanthiel). 
  4. Naming, shaming, defamatory statements, and personal arguments. This is not a drama rant site. Threads that devolve into non-productive or personal arguments will be locked at moderator discretion. Do not post threads or comments intended to shame other players (named or unnamed), including those who are not members of If you encounter an issue with another member of the site itself, please report it to the moderators.
  5. Posting real life/account information. Don't do this. Please blur out personal information in screenshots or amend logs to not display real life/account/personal information. The mods have discretion to unpublish your post until the content is fixed to no longer display personal information. 
  6. Impersonating other members, mods or admins. Please refer to the previous rule for the completely standard and in no way exaggerated consequence.
  7. Publicly posting explicit and/or pornographic material, including art and works of fiction, without using the mature content filter.

Disciplinary Consequences

Disciplinary consequences for rule-breaking behavior are not limited to, but may include:

  • Private reminders about the rules from a moderator.
  • Your posts being edited, removed, or locked.
  • Disabled account features.
  • Account suspension.
  • Restricted site access.

Discussing Disciplinary actions, Moderators or Moderator actions

Actions taken against a member of the community are not to be discussed in public on the forums. Opinions about specific moderators or moderator actions (locking, deleting threads, etc) are also not to be discussed in posts or threads.

If you have questions, remarks, suggestions or complaints about moderating in general or specific moderators, please contact our website admin (Samanthiel) through a private message.

Self-policing Guidelines

The following are self-policing guidelines that will not generally result in corrective action, but make the site more enjoyable for us all.

  1. When posting images on the forum, keep them around 550px wide. This will help reduce image load times. The mods have discretion to edit your post and amend your images if they are grossly breaking site tables.  
  2. Keep cursing at a minimum, especially in Blog Previews. This is not an age discriminating forum, though we understand the need for the occasional spout of foul language. Use your best judgment when deciding how much is too much. The moderators have discretion to gently remind you of this rule. 
  3. Please keep your post formatting and signatures tidy. We request that you not use excessive color codes, animated GIFs, or images in your forum post signatures. Posts made in non-standard fonts or colors can be distracting and hard to read, so please try to avoid this. 

Private Messages

Moderators cannot read private messages sent between members of the site. If you are being harassed by another member via PM, you can block PMs from that member by clicking the "Block Author" link in the message screen. In extreme cases of harassment or threats, please screenshot all PMs and deliver them to the moderators as well as the site administrator (Samanthiel). 

If the member you are trying to block is making multiple new accounts on the site in order to bypass the message block, please let a moderator know and we will take corrective action.

In-game/Off-site behavior

In-game or off-site behavior is not something we can regulate. We also cannot discipline site users for their actions and behavior in-game or on other websites (such as the realm forums, Tumblr, LiveJournal, etc.) unless there is hard evidence (e.g., screenshots, logs, posts) that the offense has traveled to This includes behavior on other realms and over RealID. The moderators of strictly moderate what happens here -- when it comes here, we take action, but until then, we can only make notes of offensive behavior or possible 'problem posters.' 

WE DO NOT HAVE AN IN-GAME CHAT CHANNEL. Any channel in-game on Horde or Alliance-side (e.g., "wranet" or "wraorg" or "wrarp") are not officially affiliated with this community site. Content that you view or interactions you incur in these channels is not under our responsibility to moderate. Please use caution when joining in-game chat channels. 

Rules are subject to updating and amendment

Please note that the rules may change as the community grows or changes. There are more rules sections linked from the specific areas which they are relevant in, such as the blog entry rules being linked from the blog post form. Please keep an eye out for these important links (they are fairly prominent), as they are also considered official site rules. You may find a complete index of all the rules and official documents at the rules and FAQ index.