Character Sheet Rules/FAQ

What is a Character Page?

A Character page is a place for users to create a profile for their characters. Think of the RSP addons used in-game – users are provided standard fields for physical attributes like height/age/nationality, as well as open space for more detailed description of unique features and character history.

The Character pages are open to all users with no cap on the number of character pages you can make, although some rules do pertain to the types of pages you can make.

Who can I make a Character Page for?

Character pages can be made for any of your original creations that are involved in the Warcraft side of the WrA community. Played characters, recurring characters that appear in your stories but are not in-game, companions such as pets or notable mounts, etc.

What other features are provided with the Character pages?

The Character pages are fully searchable by WrA users – you can view a directory of all characters created, search for a specific character, browse profiles, find potential RP contacts, etc.

Character pages are also linkable to Forum and Blog posts with a section in the Character page that lets you browse work connected to that character. This provides easy grouping for user discovery –read a story featuring a character you enjoyed? Browse their Character page to find new content involving that character!

Where do I browse the/how do I make a Character Page?

On the tab bar at the top of any page of the site is a “Characters” tab – clicking that will take you to the search functionality of the Characters directory. At the top of that section is a link to create your own Character Page by clicking on the “add a character sheet” text.

Or, for the instant gratification crowd:

The list of characters.

Add a character.


How do I link a Blog or Forum Entry to my Character/s?

The Character Page must be created for the character you wish to link in advance.

When creating a new Blog entry or Forum topic, at the bottom of each page is a section called “In-character information.” In the field titled “Character,” type a few letters of your character’s name – a drop-down list will appear of suggested results. Pick your intended character from this list, which will auto-populate the field. This will designate the “main character” of the post. If you wish to feature additional characters, use the same system in the field for “Other Characters” – only one character can be linked to each field.

When listing your character/s in a reply to an existing Forum topic or Blog entry, the In-character information section is accessed by clicking the text above the comment section.

Are there any additional rules/guidelines for the Character Pages?

There are always rules! Breaking some of them will get you into less trouble than others, but additional to the Character Pages are the following guidelines:

  1. No canon characters (even minor ones). The Character Pages are meant as a game/community resource, not as a directory of notable game characters. If you think it’s important that people know the story of Thrall or Malfurion, is already a fantastic resource of all things canon. Even if you have appropriated an otherwise insignificant NPC and worked them into your character’s story (“My character’s cousin is XYZ, the Innkeeper of LMN, who says & does nothing in-game and has no background history”), do not create a page for them.
  2. No character pages for other users. Keep the character pages to characters of your own creation – if you have an RP buddy who plays a major role in your character’s story you can reference them in your own character’s page, but please encourage them to come to the site and make their own page.

    Note: You may link characters with pages made by the player that appear in your story (examples might include collaborative RP or a blog entry where your character discusses another character at length). If that player asks that their character be un-linked from the entry for any reason, respect their wishes.
  3. Do not spam-link other user’s characters. Even if you think it makes sense to link every IC friend your character has because you wrote a line in your blog that your character “closed their eyes and thought of their loved ones,” most of your friends will probably think they could have been left off that one – and they’ll quickly have a cluttered assortment of links having nothing to do with them if you do (and we'd be forced to enforce limits on number of characters you can link). Keep your linking to characters that play a significant role in your works.
  4. Keep Mature Content out of character sheets. We understand that you may have a dark character that has experienced a life of horrible, traumatic nightmares. Or, you know, maybe they’re just living in bacchanalian excess. However, character pages intentionally do not have the feature to mark them as Mature Content, and can be viewed by everyone. Even though users who do not agree to view Mature content will not be able to see your linked posts which have been marked as Mature Content, make sure that your character sheet itself does not include anything considered mature.
  5. Respect the general site guidelines. Pretty obvious one – if it would break the rules of the site somewhere else, there’s no place for it in your Character page.