Blog Post Rules

Blog posts are now to be entirely In-Character or showcasing art/writing relevant to roleplay, and are generally limited to three blog posts a day.

Examples that are OKAY to post:

  • Art of your characters or RP
  • Fic/novella/writing about your characters or RP
  • IC journals
  • Writing exercises
  • Character profiles, character analysis writing/art, etc.
  • RP logs

Strictly no OOC & Real Life posts.

Examples that are NOT OKAY to post:

  • Notifications of absence (Going away, be back in three weeks!)
  • Quitting WoW and/or your reasons for doing so.
  • Rants
  • Achievement showcases
  • Debates, lore discussion (Use the RP workshop forum)
  • Drabbles and Bandwagon Memes

Here's the reason why:

In the past, we had to deal with people having their writings, art posts and IC blogs being bumped down and going unnoticed due to OOC posts. Especially rants and flounces that were posted to generate drama and attention, which ended up getting over 100+ comments while real creativity went unnoticed. We do not wish to encourage that.

The blog section is to encourage people to post their IC blogs and creative RP outlets. This allows them to have a spotlight for the moment and get comments and feedback for their writing/art/character.

After all, is an RP community site to share RP creativity.

If you need an outlet to post OOC stuff, such as being away from the game or a rant to get your chest off, you can use the forums section (It's OOC and there for a reason) or start an off-site blog like Tumblr or Livejournal.

Likewise, please adhere to the site rules and make a safe, enjoyable community for all.

In regards to blog warning field text - We would like members to use the blog warning field text to warn readers about NSFW/NSFA content or controversial issues content in their blog posts. Please do not use for joke warnings, unrelated content or any mis-usage of the Contains Warning field box.

If you are unsure what to post or what to put in your warnings, you may consult a moderator and they will kindly assist you in your inquiries.