Horde Corrections

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2-10 people

{Horde Corrections}
--This is Public Knowledge--

Horde Corrections is a part of the Horde's justice system. Due to the strains of war and the thin stretch of resources, a new system had to be created to help handle small-time crime that would not tax the prison systems unnecessarily. The answer was Horde Corrections. This was a system where, rather than using imprisonment as punishment, criminals are assigned community service hours. Time served must be logged and signed off on by citizens and militants of the Horde. Those enrolled in the program are overseen by the Corrections officers who are also charged with 'enlisting' 'potential candidates'.

There are five existing offices for Horde Corrections:

Section One: Orgrimmar - Handles all cases for Kalimdor

Section Two: Undercity - Mostly handles Wrathgate criminals and a portion of Eastern Kingdoms

Section Three: Silvermoon - Handles the overflow of Eastern Kingdoms cases, and all Eversong-local cases.

Section Four: Outland - A clerical office wherein Sections One, Two, and Three may report while on duty in their jurisdiction.

Section Five: Northrend - A clerical office wherein Sections One, Two, and Three may report while on duty in their jurisdiction.

Mordad is the Section Chief for Section 3. His rank in the Blood Knight order and his dedication to his duties as a teacher and commanding officer helped to make him a strong candidate for the position. He continues to administer training to aspiring Blood Knights and initiates, and he applies the skills this duty has given him in reforming those of the Horde who have run afoul of the law.

Section 3 of the Horde Corrections operation, stationed in Silvermoon, only recently came into existence after the events of the Wrathgate and the establishment of Section 2 in Undercity. It is intended to take the spillover of petty criminals in the Eastern Kingdoms that the newly formed Undercity Section 2 cannot handle- namely, any Eastern Kingdoms residents a little afoul of the law who were not involved with the Wrathgate Tragedy.


--OOC Information--

Horde Corrections was originally an RP-PvP guild on the realm Twisting Nether, founded on January 1st of 2010 by myself and my friend Payj. However, due to the release of Cataclysm, guild leveling, guild reputation, and the intended fluid nature of being a probationer for Horde Corrections, it no longer makes sense for Horde Corrections to exist as a guild in-game.

Horde Corrections officers are, in essence, probation officers for the Horde who also handle arrests and sentencing. Utilizing forums to post log files, summaries, or to RP it out, HC hopes to add more dimension to RP by helping give IC 'consequences' for IC minor criminal actions.