Crimson Illuminati

Organization sheet

Membership size: 
26-50 people


We're oocly a fun loving guild, who doesn't mind putting in a little work to get the guild leveled to 25 (10 more levels to go whoot!). Since we're rping on the premise that we're a fully functional Military Regiment, there isn't much room for full on training squads, however if individual's wish to par-take in a mentoring training with Another member or someone outside the guild that's perfectly fine. We do take our RP a bit seriously in that if we catch players in our guild Metagaming, Griefing, or harrassing another player, you can sure as find yourself with a swift kick out the door.

We call that the "So long and thanks for all the Fish." Clause of our guild membership. We do ask that the officers be notified either via in game mail or via our web page Forums if your taking a break from WoW, leaving the guild with no hard feelings, or quitting the game all together. This is to ensure that should an event show up that is relevant to your characters story, we don't exhaust efforts on to ensure you get a bit of "spot light" in the stories.

What we offer to other non-guilded Players - To all "evil" related guilds that do exist, we offer a group of Heros that oocly aren't looking to kill off your character in a single event, aren't going to Icly break your disguise by metagaming, and are pretty flexible in working with how the story should progress for everyone not just one side of the group.

To our "allies" we offer competent RP'er alliances who don't freak out when the story wishes to focus on your characters rather then our own. Our time comes to shine when it's ready, we can be both supporter as well as main line of defense against attacks, meet ups, etc etc.