Coven of Tainted Minds

Organization sheet

Membership size: 
26-50 people

A gathering of Warlocks to serve as the platform for a new-Black Harvest type of group where we discuss the future of our profession and exchange ideas for the purpose of strengthening our knowledge and power over the three facets of Warlockry; Destruction, Demonology and Affliction.

The Coven of Tainted Minds is split up into three different groups to represent these three facets.

"The Wrath" serves as the sub-group focused on the Destructive-orientated magic of our art.
"The Soul" serves as the sub-group focused on the Demonology-orientated magic of our art.
"The Horror" serves as the sub-group focused on the Affliction-orientated magic of our art.



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Hay where has every one gone! I will help set this  up horde side please whisper me in game or on the chan. I will also advertise in trade chat please someone let me know whats going on!!

Nekara bloodscorn!