Turus Thalanaar

Guild sheet

In-game name: 
Guild focus: 
Heavy roleplaying
Membership size: 
11-25 people

Thalanaar is a forgotten waypoint, a flight from here to there, and a memory of a lost age. We strive to rebuild our homeland, and to retake Eldre'thalas and the Lariss Pavilion in order to safeguard the Hidden Hall. Advancement as a household is our primary objective, with none left behind or made to sacrifice too much. Thalanaar is an investment in a collection of people that will grow together, travel together, and covet the friendships and families that we have made. The Leaves of Eldre'thalas were blown across Azeroth by the Sundering, and rebuilding has not been easy; each individual contributes to a whole that they may not see, but in the knowledge that they will have made a better world for those that follow.

Members are family and a society of peers. Personal beliefs are to be respected, not espoused. Dramatic exchanges and ill will between members of the house is frowned upon - heavily - and will be handled in a swift, firm manner.

Respect is law, regardless of standing, level or caste.



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Current Officers:


Tiska Brenn - Karylia Bandu - Stropothrina Ragothay - Lilith Wildmoon - Doreiden Ragothay - Lina Weespark - Astore Moonflame - Dellesia Adrala - Sophiana Iseha