The Shan're

Guild sheet

In-game name: 
Guild focus: 
Medium roleplaying
World PvP
Membership size: 
26-50 people


Born from the wake of the Cataclysm, the Shan’re are a group of kaldorei dedicated to the regrowth and betterment of Kalimdor and her people. Their immortality was sacrificed in an effort to fend off the Burning Legion over a decade ago, their homes destroyed by the Shattering itself and the ever growing threat of the Horde, the night elves have endured many hardships in these last few years. 
The word “Shan’re” is a difficult one to properly translate from Darnassian to the common tongue. Both plural and singular, the most concise way to paraphrase it is “honored sanctuary”. 
As an organization, the Shan’re acts as a safe haven to those who have lost their homes, a refuge which seeks to take back what has been lost in these years past, geographically, spiritually and emotionally. They see the Alliance as necessary, however, still maintain their proud identities as night elves. 
As a guild, we hope to continue to be an active presence on Wyrmrest Accord with both open combat and social roleplay events ranging from counterattacks, services to the Kaldorei pantheon and much more!