The Keepers

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Guild focus: 
Medium roleplaying
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1 person

Notice: As of June 1, 2015, the Keepers communication network has made the transition from a guild to an informal RP group conducted via a set of in-game custom channels. The information below is out of date and will not be updated.

Please visit for the latest information.



Relief, recovery, redemption.

No soul is forever lost. No one is irredeemable.

No one is beyond help...if they want it.


We are here to walk the path to a better life with you. We are here to offer you aid -- a supportive shoulder, an open hand, a listening ear. Secret keepers. Peace keepers. Keepers of forgotten knowledge or lost souls, keeping to ourselves as we keep each other safe. Whatever you wish to call us, we are here to keep you as long as you are willing to be one of us. We will not drag you, bribe you, or coerce you. Walk with us, and let us walk with you.

- Nix’rael

The Keepers is an organization founded by three leaders: Nix’rael the Seeker, Djehuty the Candlekeeper, and Jaqlynn the Wanderer. These three shared a devotion to helping those who follow them in reaching their personal goals and growing as individuals, and the guild they created might most succinctly be described as a support network. It welcomes those who are trying to fill the void left in the aftermath of the Cataclysm even as they aid others in searching out what they have lost.

We are a collection of the stray individuals who have fallen through the cracks or who have been forgotten by the Alliance.  This is a gathering of old souls and oddballs with their own individual goals, bound to each other by friendship and fellowship: a rag-tag pack, our quirky family. We can help you get you back on your feet, help you gain recovery or even find redemption, but we cannot do it for you. We can only offer you a helping hand while you search it out for yourself and offer the same to your fellow Keepers in turn.

What is the <The Keepers> about?

The Keepers is a roleplaying guild which focuses on character-driven stories rather having than a single, centralized plot arc. As a group of characters, it is a non-hierarchical support network, spread by word of mouth and based on interpersonal relationships rather than a formal organizational structure. It is held together by the Keeper crystals -- communication devices which are given to new Keepers as a mark of membership.

What does a Keeper actually keep?

We keep our promises, our heads, and each other.

What are the Keeper crystals carried by members of the guild?

The Keeper crystals are fragments of Oshu'gun, the half-buried remains of the dimensional ship which originally brought the draenei to Draenor. These fragments are carefully shaped, then carved with intricate glyphs which must be activated with a drop of the recipient’s blood before the crystal will function.

The guild crystal is used by either thinking at it telepathically or by whispering into it, allowing it to send the bearer’s words over a long range to other Keepers. Focusing on one specific Keeper allows one-on-one communication (i.e., whispers) between crystal holders. It can also transmit sounds around the user, stray thoughts, emotions--even sensations, if the Keeper’s emotional state is heightened enough.

In-game, guild chat is used to represent the “frequency” over which the crystals communicate, whereas officer chat (/o) is used for OOC coordination and socializing.

(This is a shortened version of the guild information documents found on our guild website.)

Guild Focus: Character-driven RP
Timezone: We have folks in multiple timezones - server time, CST, EST, and THE FUTURE (Australian).
Levels Accepted: 15+ (65+ DKs)
Races Accepted: All Alliance
Special Requirements: The Keepers strives to be a safe space and is GSM*-friendly. In general, we prefer for members to be more mature; our most active members also tend to be online into the wee hours of the morning.
Contact Information:

  • PM: Nebet
  • Guild site PM: Nebet
  • Email: wra.keepers on Google's mail service
  • Twitter: @WRAKeepers

Or hop in our in-game OOC channels: Alliance-side,  /join TheKeepersOOC and Horde-side, /join TheRootshadowOOC (Please note that all channel participants are expected to abide by the guild's chat conduct guidelines regardless of guild membership status.)

As you can see, we're really easy to reach!

What kind of player is the guild looking for?

The guild has a small-but-solid core group, a strong organizational concept, and dedicated leadership, but for now we are in the process of re-establishing our player base with an eye toward increasing our active membership. The "close-knit support network" idea behind the guild encourages slow but steady growth, with plenty of time for new members to get to know the others and find niches for their characters among the Keepers. As such, we cannot promise immediate or constant activity, so if this is something you absolutely must have, then we will not be a good fit for you at this time.

However, if you are...

  • interested in exploring interpersonal relationships and the internal landscapes of your characters in a friendly, welcoming social environment;
  • invested in the ideas of respect for personal autonomy and of fostering a "safe space" for your fellow players; and
  • willing to travel with us and help us share in your stories as the guild continues to grow and develop over time,

...then we would love to have you along!

How do I apply?

Go to our website at, poke around and see what there is to see (especially our guild policies), then submit an application! We look forward to speaking with you.

*gender and sexual minorities