Hand of Argus

Guild sheet

In-game name: 
Guild focus: 
Heavy roleplaying
Membership size: 
1 person

"A Hand of Argus is many things: Obedient, brave, intelligent, and above all, honorable." 

Hail, brothers and sisters of the Naaru, the Hand of Argus is recruiting. All draenei are welcome to join the ranks of the Hand, with the exception of deathknights. The defense of draenei land is crucial if our people are to fulfill our goal on this world. All recruits will be fitted with proper armors and weaponry from our armory stores. This regiment is led for the purpose of vindication, that is, defense. We venture out of the borders of the isles to ensure our allies among the Alliance, and innocents of the Horde are protected from dangers. If you feel you are worthy of this call, send your application to my inbox. 

For the Naaru, we vindicate. 

-Vindicator Sholaad


<Hand of Argus> Is a casual draenei roleplaying guild. The theme is military/defense. We will be encouraging all forms of play within the guild. Roleplay is the main focus, however PvP and PvE will also be foci. 

If you are a draenei, and are interested in joining, simply send a message to Sholaad in game. 

If you are curious about leading this guild along side me, do make your name known, officers are always welcome.

I will see you in game!