For Her Tallest

Guild sheet

In-game name: 
Guild focus: 
Medium roleplaying
Membership size: 
11-25 people

For Her Tallest is a goblin RP guild themed around the Trade Princess Movement. Back in 2010, we started a thread on the official Warcraft forums that suggested the Trade Prince of the Bilgewater Cartel should be a female. From that thread, a whole player-drive movement began, and the character Mida Silvertongue, also known as Her Tallest, was born.  Mida was written into the game by Blizzard as Boss Mida <Her Tallness> of the Goblin Slums; official liaison to the warchief for the Bilgewater Cartel, overseer of the slums, and the highest-ranking goblin in-game (since Gallywix is still mysteriously NYI).

Our prime directive ICly is to overthrow Trade Prince Gallywix, gain allies, and improve the economy and reputation of the Bilgewater Cartel.

We have an IC chat that serves as a secured radio frequency, an OOC chat that off-Guild alts can join and chat with their Tallest Guildies!

Here's a link to our FAQ -

And to our WoW Insider article!  -

Snuffit Speakeasy is co-GM!