Champion Companion Company

Guild sheet

In-game name: 
Guild focus: 
Heavy roleplaying
Membership size: 
11-25 people

Champion Companion Company is a small family owned business that strives to deliver necessary goods to all travelers of all experiences.  A neutral company, we offer Game and Pet companions for our traveling customers as well as basic supplies and goods such as: glyphs, gear, transmog outfits, and profession supplies.

The C.C.C delivers their items through a neutral auction held each month in Ratchet.  During the auctions, a Donation Drawing and a V.I.P only auction are also held.
At the C.C.C we understand that while supplies for your travels and work are necessary it is equally important to have companionship.  They offer Game of all levels and types as well as Pets of all specialties.
We are a company of small and cohesive workers.
[OOC]  As with all organizations and guilds in World of Warcraft, we follow the ToS/ToU of Blizzard.  There has been communication with Blizzard in regards to our role play group and what is considered legal.  All actions by the C.C.C are completely legal and will not put your or your friends at risk.
The C.C.C is a company that sells glyph packages, role play and transmog sets, profession packages, battle pets, and role play 'slave' characters.  Because these characters are run by real people entering into a non-binding contract of role play in a master/slave environment we have made some rules to protect these players and yourself.  Please see our Auction Rules and Adoption Policies.
We are a profit guild.  We pay our "employees" monthly which is why we also limit the number of people brought into the guild.
We also pay our "slaves" 80% of the profit they turn during their sale.  So if your toon sells for 1000g you would earn 800g.
More information found on our website.]