Bladecrest Guardians

Guild sheet

In-game name: 
Guild focus: 
Medium roleplaying
Light roleplaying
World PvP
Membership size: 
11-25 people

Out of Character Information

Guild Level:
Bank Tabs: 7
Guild Time Zone: US Eastern

Please note, while we are a Horde Guild, the Guild IC is unaffiliated.

Requirements for Membership: Other than being fun loving, respectful, active and friendly, none! All levels, classes, races and play-styles are welcome!

Focus: Fun! We do RP and have members who focus on RP, but we do a little bit of everything from leveling and farming to PvP and dungeons/raids, and we welcome non-RPers into the fold so long as they remain respectful to those who do RP.

Leadership: Sarythe (Alts: Myneshra, Rynaria, Bethakki and Jorayna, BattleTag: Rynaria#1911) is the Guild Master. Arialys (Alts: Kytaera, Peppin, Shuilian, Inaia and Inaiadel) is an Assistant GM, and Shadetreader (Alts: Landallar and Baelnyadari) and Gennovah (Alts: Tachiana, Trigah, Nassuda, Yasumah and several others) are Officers. Feel free to add us in game to your friend list and message any of us with questions.

Guild Events: We will be hosting Guild Events and Guild Meetings on as regular a basis as real life allows. Guild meetings will be held on Sundays (if/when our numbers require this to be a regular, every Sunday type of meeting, they will be every Sunday evening US Eastern time) and will be both In Character as well as Out of Character. During our meetings promotions, RP story arcs and any other important matters will be discussed and this is the perfect time for the Guild to congregate as a whole and for members to bring up any questions, comments or concerns they might have. Aside from meetings, the Guild does have a "Job Board" on the forums where "quests" will be posted on Tuesdays that either the Leadership have created, or other Members or even outside players have created. These jobs are meant to be done in character and with at least one other person, either in the Guild or outside of the Guild, and are for the sole purpose of creating and developing RP between Guildmates as well as with the enitre RP community.

Alts in Guild Allowed: Absolutely!

How'd you come up with the Guild name: Bladecrest Guardians is a combination of the names of the main characters who were involved in the Guild's OOC and IC creation; Sarythe Dawnblade, Arialys Suncrest and Zoyfried Longuard.

In Character Information
Do you thirst for adventure, treasures and fame? Are you a sellsword, treasure hunter or simply looking for something to do? Then join our expedition and find all that and more!

We are looking for talented explorers and treasure hunters seeking to gain glory and gold! You must be of sound mind and body to join the expedition. There's much travel and physical exertion entailed as we explore the lands and discover new as well as old wonders. You must be able to work in a team environment. No solo jobs here! We work together and split the profits between everyone who actually pulls their weight and does their fair share of the work.

If you're looking for work, are interested in signing up or want some more information, then send you inquires to the Bladecrest Guardians!