Aspect of the Wipe

Guild sheet

In-game name: 
Guild focus: 
Light roleplaying
Rated battlegrounds
World PvP
Membership size: 
2-10 people

What is Aspect of the Wipe?
Aspect of the Wipe began as a vanity guild for its creator, but opened its doors to eligible applicants on 4/20 of 2012 in hopes of making the creator's vision for a fun, active, friendly raiding guild a reality. As our name and flavor text suggest, we don't get hung up on our failures: we delight in them as well as learn from them. Aspect of the Wipe is meant to be a place not just for awesome raiders, but for new raiders to become awesome.

Who belongs in Aspect of the Wipe?
Applicants must be 18+ and willing to be active in the guild, but there are no requirements for race, class, level, item level, or RP preference. Both experienced and entry level raiders are welcome, and will be assisted, instructed, and coached as needed by a friendly, approachable raid leader. If you want to run current content, we want you. If you want to run old content, we want you. If you just want to level up in the company of fun and helpful bros, we want you.

What does Aspect of the Wipe do?
Currently, we seek to bolster our ranks and are focusing on PvE (leveling, dungeons, old raids), casual PvP (arenas and battlegrounds), and shenanigans. Although we do not currently have structured RP, we welcome and encourage roleplay. As we grow, we plan to form guild alliances and begin to do current end-game content including raids (Firelands and Dragon Soul) and rated battlegrounds.

For more information, visit our website.