Argentum Legion

Guild sheet

In-game name: 
Guild focus: 
Medium roleplaying
Membership size: 
26-50 people

The Argentum Legion was founded during Wrath of the Lich King, and ICly something between a mercenary group and a private army. Originally founded on the premise of aiding the cause in Northrend, the fall of the Lich King saw the focus change. Primary RP includes the hunting of the Twlight's Hammer.

We also have several raiding groups, as many of our members are interested in PVE. Guild chat is OOC, and provides a fun, friendly place to generally hang out.

We include an OOC Member rank, for those who are not interested in RP and for alts; to join ICly, one must be recruited, though the process isn't typically difficult or exclusive.

Note: I am not the GM of this guild, however, the GM and primary officer base are unlikely to join this website. I am merely a long time member and friend of the guild, but would be happy to answer any questions, as I'm typically in the 'know'.