New to Realm and RP

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New to Realm and RP

I've played WOW since Burning Crusade I'm an Experienced Healer and can dish out decent DPS (I can tank too, I just hate it) .I've always been on regular servers, I really want to try something new with my gameplay and would like to start Roleplaying. I've read a bunch of articles, skimmed through forums and binge watched a whole bunch of youtube guides and such. I really want to join the role playing community as it looks like a lot of fun, though I still feel a bit jittery about the whole thing. Joining a guild seems to be the easiest way to get started, If anyone's recruiting I'd be honoured to join, Though I understand that babysitting an RP noob isn't really anyone's idea of fun,it'd be much appreciated.

I figured I'd ask before diving in head on and making a fool out of myself :)