Valley of Strength

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Valley of Strength

Lillithene stepped outside of the Warchief's Hold, letting out the breathe she had been holding in. She dusted her robe off with her small, frail looking hands. The young elf straightened up and took a breathe of the smokey air. She did not care much for Orgrimmar, especially the Warchief's building, as it smelled of the viscious leader and his ego. Clutching the parchment tightly to her small body, the little elf began walking down the path.

As she looked at the city around her, she kept her hood pulled over her blonde hair, her glowing green eyes kept low. She shugged her way though all of Orgrimmar's inhabitants and the large creatures they seemed to be running and flying around on. She pulled her robe tighter against her body and re-adjusted her hood.

As she began her walk towards the drag, she looked over the parchment addressed to Tryin Duskrunner. Since arriving in Orgrimmar, this is what she has introduced herself as. And now it seemed, the Warchief had a job for her. Lazy Orc, she though bitterly. It was not that she disliked all orcs, she looked to Thrall with great respect. She just did not like the violent ones.

With a slight sigh, she straightened back up and continued walking. If she kept getting distracted, she would never make it to her destination.