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Naois stops suddenly, standing near a tree just in case he needed cover from any stray projectiles. Examining the chaos in front his eyes, he caught the glimpse of The Mercenary, next to what appears to be a goblin mage. Both of them, seem to be sustain wounds, from their recent melees. He holds his hand out front of him, using it to as a focus for his healing spells. His lips move in quiet chant. Golden light emitting from his hands. He casts the first healing spell upon the mercenary, then to the mage.

In midst of combat, it is best to use healing spells that were mana efficient and quick. They were potent enough to sustain the damage and keep them from succumbing to any blood loss. or other more serious wounds that wouldn't kill them outright and preserve precious mana. He caught a glimpse of an Amani charging towards him. Brandishing his axe and shouting challenges at him.

Naois quickly brings his focus to the troll. A beam of golden light, shoots out from his hand. It punches into the Amani's chest. It wasn't fatal. Only sending him sprawling to the ground, a large, deep burning wound where the spell hit. He looks down at him apathetically. "Pain." He muttered. Casting a dark spell upon the recovering troll.

The troll shouts in painstaking fury. He fell back down, writhing in agony as the effects of the spell starts seeping in. again, it wasn't fatal, of course. But the overwhelming pain kept him incapacitated long enough for him revert attention back to the duo.

He holds out his hand towards the mercenary. "Shield." With that said, he managed to draw out a protective shield from the depths of her soul. Hopefully she'll use this to her advantage and get this troll off of him. It was only a manner of time before he recover from the Pain, and try to strike him down in redoubled fury.

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Meyrit froze as a wave of magic rolled over her skin. She ducked insticntively, turning the movement into a combat stance as her body recognized the warmth of healing magic. She spared a glance at the troll she'd managed to surprise, noting with satisfaction that he wouldn't be getting up anytime soon. His blood pooled around him, soaking into the dead earth as easily as water.

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The elf muttered another expelitive, this one aimed at the stupidity of people who rush into battle without weapons. "Don't expect it to happen again." She snapped, grabbing a throwing knife from one boot and flinging it at the troll attacking the priest from earlier. She shot him a glare, he was worse than the goblin. Fel, he couldn't even down the troll for longer than a few moments with those weak spells of his. She cursed again as magic was pulled from her core, obscuring her vision for a moment before settling in an arc around her. A damn shield.

"He thinks I need the shield? Felling goblin just stood there trying to become one with an axe. Give HIM a damn shield." She growled and followed her knife, intent on retrieving it.

((Meyrit doesn't like ANYONE, just FYI xD She's a fun little grouch. Also, since it's Naois' troll, I figure you can control his next moves.))

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"Don't expect it to happen again." 

Narlix didn't bother responding, he was determined not to need assistance again, so the warning was unnecessary.  He could be accused of many things, but not being able to learn from his mistakes was not one of them.

He felt a strange tingle fill him as his minor wounds and bruises appeared to  be repairing themselves, not something he was going to complain about or question.  He was not going to allow himself to be distracted again.

With a renewed focus, Narlix channeled the pure arcane power he had been building up into a troll that was charging toward him and the elf, knocking it flat on its back.  Charging up another blast he searched for a new target, he noticed a troll beginning to get back up near that small, lost looking elf he had seen earlier, he pushed his hand toward it knocking it back to the ground with a bolt of pure energy.  

After that, Narlix quickly found himself becoming absorbed in the moment, the ebb and flow of combat, and more specifically the incredible feeling of arcane power flowing through him.  Normally (on the rare occasions he actually used his magic) he shaped the arcane energy into bolts of frost or fire, but this was different, it felt more natural.  Pure arcane energy flowing through him like a conduit straight into his foes, the feeling was exhilarating.  His actions became a blur to him, nothing mattered besides the feeling of the magic.

He completely lost track of time, blasting anything that dared get near him, until he suddenly found himself exhausted and unable to tap into any more arcane energy.  At least the trolls' numbers seem to have thinned out significantly, he thought to himself, and then he felt overwhelmingly light headed... his vision blurred and he began to sway... before falling to the ground unconscious. 

((That's awesome, her grumpiness makes things interesting.  Feel free to continue to play out combat, Narlix seems to have gone into the mage equivalent of a bloodlust, which, considering how much of an amateur he is, has completely drained him))

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Naois looks down at the squirming troll, and felt a pang pity for him. Considering that it took a knife and a frost bolt while he was being subjected through the agony of the Shadow Word: Pain. He walked around the struggling troll. The troll stares up at him, with pain-filled anger and hatred in his eyes. Chest moving up and down, breathing heavily. Naois seems to disregard his venom, and ends his suffering with a single word. "Death."

The trolls eyes widen. He breath leaving him, turning deathly pale, eyes staring out now. As though he soul had simply left his body. He looks up from the motionless body. Looking across the battlefield, littered with bodies, icicles in some, arrows protruding out of most of them and a few were smoldering heaps. I doubt that this is the end, he thought, another wave would be coming soon after. They needed to recuperate, fast while there is still some time.

Naois looks back at the approaching mercenary, and at the now unconscious goblin mage. No doubt he over exerted himself and had succumb to mana exhaustion. Naois walks pass the mercenary. "E-Excuse me." His focus is on the unconscious mage. He did notice, however, that shield spell was wearing off on The Mercenary. "Shield." He murmured. Flicking his fingers out. The light bubble, lighting up anew. Not slowing down as he came closer to the goblin. Taking out a mana potion from his satchel.

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