The Alliance Will Fall

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The Alliance Will Fall

As the Sun rose just over the horizon, it's light shined over Azeroth revealing a poster at the corner of every Horde City, and Horde outpost sticking to the post by a magical sun symbol. 

At Silvermoon City a Sin'dorei guard patrolled passed one of the posters and noticed that there was a paragraph of text and at the bottom was a sketch. Walking towards it a little closer his eyes widened and gasped noticing the violent and disturbed image. It showed Night Elf combatants dismembering young Orcs, Trolls, Blood Elves, and other various races belonging to the Horde. Without bothering to read the text he ran towards the other nearby Sin'dorei to show them what he had saw. Before long there were mobs of Sin'dorei surrounding the posters screaming and yelling with a burning fury. Below the image wrote: "All Horde banners If you wish to seek revenge against the Kal'dorei seek out the Jaded Sun in the Jade Forest"

((Thanks for taking the time to read this over. Feel free to reply In character or whisper me in game to Noxian Horde side. Looking to start up a chain of events involving multiple horde and alliance guilds))