Soft Snow in Winterspring

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Soft Snow in Winterspring

Rashiid knelt quietly at the edge of a snowy hillside in Winterspring. He had grown accustom to the cold rather quickly, considering he had only been there a few days. Often times, Rashiid would disappear from the fast and noisy towns and taverns to reflect in calmer settings. The chilly winds proved to be a comforting embrace at times. Harsh cold making the limbs numb; the practice of meditation and stillness, focusing one's mind. His recent excursion to Winterspring; an area he was not too familiar with has become an exercise in quieting his mind, but it had also evolved into an examination of nurture. Rashiid had taken into his care a Winterspring cub. Through his experiences as a hunter, trapper and woodsman, his connection with beasts and nature was almost innate. Despite being a attacked and poisoned almost to the point of death just five days ago; his demeanor was lighthearted and upbeat. How did a random occurrence in Stormwind send him here?

  His nights camping at Frostsaber Rock had given him time to think about his experience. On a night where Rashiid seemed more social than usual a human stranger approached him. He seem troubled and expressed that his horse had been hurt just a short ways away. Rashiid obliged the man and soon found he had made a regrettable mistake. How had he let his guard down? Usually, Rashiid was weary of people in some regard, but as he strolled through the alleys of Stormwind it took a moment for him to recognize the tension in his endeavor. The turns and contours of the paved roads suggested danger as their surroundings became darker and dimly lit. He had followed the man too far. They approached a small opening and the man darted in ahead of Rashiid. Instead if following, Rashiid yelled with a hint of sarcasm; exposing his awareness, "I'm sorry, I must be going, I hope you can help your horse without me!". Then he turned and darted off, ducking the the same corridors that had almost found him in a terrible state.

Rashiid had not run far enough though. The man had stalked him through the streets, his leather garments making little noise as he silently followed Rashiid's footsteps. They had met up again; and a fight quickly ensued. Rashiid could not best the man; and as he found his would be killer standing over him, Rashiid's face a mess from a quick pummeling he received, he asked, "Why?"

A eerie grin filled the man's face as he stared into Rashiid's eyes, his warm breath brushing his skin, "I only wanted to toy with you. You are hardly worthy of a death from me stranger, but given the trouble you've put me through..." The man slowly pressed his blade through Rashiid's abdomen, grinning as the blade went deeper. "Now hand over your gold..and take this as a lesson; be ready for the next time you see my face..." He threw Rashiid to the ground like a doll, watching him bleed out just a few paces from the Stormwind's docks...