Sense and Sensablities- [H-Open]

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Sense and Sensablities- [H-Open]

((I've been enjoying RP here on the forums so much I thought I'd start one of my own. Illyne is quickly becoming a fun character to play and I wanted a chance to flesh her out a bit more before getting into the game. Feel free to join in!))

Illyne Lightseeker was in the middle of a starting contest. With a book. A floating book. The book in question was bound in purple leather and struck through with blue lightning. Recently it had been of the mind that it was the priestess' keeper in Mistress Az'hari's absence. And that was why Illyne was currently trying to start it down, because having a flying book act as your babysitter was completely unacceptable.

So the petite elf stood in the middle of the busy bazaar, hands fisted on her hips, hair falling out of her intricately made up bun, refusing to look away from the floating grimoire. Despite the people having to flow around them, and the nasty looks from elves who no doubt thought she was insane, she was not giving in. "You can go right back to the guild hall and park yourself on a shelf. Preferably one in the back. Where I'll be able to forget you even exist."

The book growled in response, it's pages flapping in the light breeze of the day. It shot forward, snapping shut so close to her face that the priestess flinched. The priestess barked out a laugh, barely covering her own fear that one of these days the book wouldn't actually stop. On top of having to explain to Erylyn why her handbook now sported blood stains, she could just imagine the scars that that amount of papercut would leave. She grimaced at the thought and pushed a strand of hair behind one ear. She shifted a bit, her boot kicking the small package of cloth she'd managed to pruchase before this little scene had begun. "I am NOT going to continue arguing with a BOOK."

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An elf in an epic battle of wits with a book. Really now? The smirk on her face grew as she watched, from across the crowded Bazaar and between the passers by. Blythe would snort if she could remember how. How absurd, but so very entertaining. Shaking her head as she stood and started slowly making her way through the rushing crowd, Blythe decided she'd actually help out the poor thing. The facade she was putting on was a lot more transparent than she knew, and that book was scaring her. 

Reaching the spot where the elf and the book were facing off, Blythe coughed a few times, her hand covering her mouth lest the elves flowing around them think they'd catch some form of disease from a Forsaken. Silly elves... Blythe's eyes met the priestess' as she nodded and spoke in her sweetest possible voice, "May I offer assistance dear?" She frowned, hearing the inevitable rasp in her voice that she seemed unable to escape. 

Losing the frown quickly, she raised a hand toward the book, letting her hand hang in the air near it's spine as someone would do if they were petting a horses face but waiting for it's approval, waiting to see if the book would attempt to attack her as well, "I know a little trick."



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