Jungle RP - A new experience (Open)

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Jungle RP - A new experience (Open)

((I'm somewhat new to the server - or at least to RPing on it! I thought maybe I could make some contacts through forum RP - it can be tricky to get walk-up RP going when you don't know anyone! Also - I did read the rules and have no intention of creating a new thead each time I go to a new area :) I intend for my character to reside in STV for a long time and thought it would be a good, neutral area for mixed Horde/Alliance RP ))

Everything about the path across this bridge seemed foreboding, from the dark shadows caused by thick, overhanging boughs to the rain that battered her skin and armor, plastering short green waves of hair to her cheeks. On the back of her saber she'd traveled for all of a day and half a night to reach this destination, and now that it lie ahead of her, just across this threatening entrance, adrenaline surged through every muscle.

Really, it was oversized paws that carried her on this part of the journey – she was mounted on the back of a massive creature – the saber was darker in color than its cousins; having golden and brown streaks marking its mostly black fur. It wore the saddle with patient affection for the lightweight elf straddling its back. Her back was laden as well, holding a pack, a quiver, and a long, curved bow.

Giving a sigh, the saber leans into the slender fingers which have started idly stroking the tuft of fur beneath its right ear even as the youth wets her lips and studies the jungle that she is directly at the precipice of entering. A new adventure waits inside – brand new territory the like of which she has never hunted in before. Finally, she lifts her chin and with determination exclaims, “Let's go!” The stealthy cub at her side leaps forward as well, eager to assist its elven companion.