Gonna Read Da Cards [Open RP Starter]

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Gonna Read Da Cards [Open RP Starter]

Nee nods to Gravy, the bartender at The Wyvern’s Tail in Orgrimmar, and orders her usual Frog Venom Brew. It’s bitter and sour with a thick foam and an aftertaste she has to chase with another swig.

Lost in her thoughts, she sits at a side table and begins to rifle through her bag. A thick wax candle is the first item she pulls out. It’s old, once white but now yellowed with many trails of wax that have dripped down the sides. Her battered deck of cards come next and she leaves the stack facedown. The backs are decorated with a swirl of dark colors and small suns, moons, and stars. The last things she places on the table are a thick roll of incense and a small, square-ish goblin-made contraption that holds a small amount of fuel and strikes a flame anywhere.

Beneath the table, the small skunk that follows her curls up against her feet.

She lights the candle then the incense, waving the thick bundle of dried silversage and peacebloom around her, chasing away any mischievous spirits that would disturb the reading. When the air around her is thick with smoke, she stubs the incense bundle out on the battered tabletop. By the many names, stains, and burns scarring the surface, she knows she is not the first to do so.

Next, she picks up her cards. Nee holds them in her hands and stares into the distance, eyes half-lidded. After a moment she blinks, straightens, shuffles the deck loosely three times, cuts it into three stacks of cards, recombines them, and flips the top card face-up.

The Chariot. An empowered individual in charge and moving forward to battle with full confidence in upcoming accomplishments. An important time in one’s life that requires focused energy and dedication to get things done. It fits perfectly because she is, she thinks, finally going to get things done.

She can’t help the loud laugh that escapes because the spirits never let her down. Time to brush off the small things that hold her back and charge forward and take what she deserves.

Nee smirks and leaves the cards as-is, finishing her ale before she stands and returns to the bar for another. On the way back she glances around the bar and says in common with her slight Zandali accent, “The spirits in a fine mood tonight. Anyone got questions for ‘em while da cards still warm?”