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(I don't know...that would excite my Sunwalker .... )


Szlik sighed, a heavy had rubbing his temples as his cousin spoke.  He expected as much at some point, but there was little he could do after the words had been spoken.  "As soon as we are aware, we will send you word.  We will also send our first shipment your way."  He stood off his chair, offered a hand to Erylyn and began to clean up the mess, Widow coming down from her spider-like perch to gather things in her sticky webbed legs.

Zrindia bowed to Erylyn.  "Then I shall see you soon, once I've cleared my belongings."

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Lindrali took the paladin's hand between her two and bowed her head respectfully, doing the same to the Forsaken woman. She watched the priestess stalk off, book in tow, and raised an eyebrow.

"Perhaps when I visit I will ask you what enchantments you've placed on that book. I wouldn't mind attempting the same myself, or perhaps building on the enchantment." Her eyes grew faraway and thoughtful. Blinking, she snapped back to the present. 

"Thank you all for coming out today. I do hope to see some or all of you at our next auction. And.. I must thank you as well for offering to have me visit. The same offer is extended to you,  our guest quarters are quite comfortable! I could show you the eggs we have currently, as well. There is another raptor egg set to hatch any day now." She sighed, but it was a content sigh for business well undertaken. "Al diel shala, until we meet again of course."

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Nodding slowly, a grin plastered on her face at the idea of Erylyn being kept as a slave, Blythe motioned her farewells to the folks on the other side of the table, saying quietly, "Until then. For now, I'm going to go see who's winning, the book or the priestess." A mirthful chuckle escapes her lips as she gives a meager bow and turns to depart in the direction Illyne went with a stiff gait.



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