A lost orphan now found. [Closed]

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A lost orphan now found. [Closed]

((Closed RP, if you wish to join, contact me in-game, Xarlaxis, or sent me a PM here on the forum. This plot has been specifically created for Xarlaxis and Izrial for character development. It will be a grand adventure! Hopefully.)) 


Cold. Blistering winds. Snow.More snow. Even more piles of snow. That's what the thick stone walls of Ironforge stopped from seeping into the mountain fortress. The large fires and foundry kept the place warm, if not cozy. The high ceilings gave you room to breath and you did not feel restrained. The guards and patrols kept you safe, but from what threat? You felt protected in the stone stronghold of the dwarves.

No wonder Xarlaxis dragged along the girl he found in Stormwind here, to this place he knew he could count on to be a haven for an orphan. He had finished the paperwork with the military mentors, tutors and trainers. Considering her wild, combative nature, he figured some combat drilling and military discipline could do her good, clear her head of stupidities and hopefully allow her to reach her goal in a manner that wouldn't leave her dead: To find her parents in Northrend.

He made sure the group of dwarves he had left her with weren't up-stuck or snobbish, nobility or the vulgar rabble. They needed to be common, just like her. Good people who maybe don't have a lot, but don't seek to dominate the world. So Xarlaxis left her in the building that was her squad's home: The Bear's den. This was her new home and she clearly did not want to go to an orphanage, she wanted a family. Perhaps, brothers and sisters in arms was the next best thing to blood-family. 

The common room was more of a dining hall, a large, long table, one huge fireplace, rows of books and desks, barrels and crates of food and gear. Most of it was still unorganized, perhaps they were still under construction. There was a corridor that led to several smaller rooms, personal bedrooms. Izrial's was indicated with her name marked in dwarvish over the door-frame. Xarlaxis was kind enough to get one of the instructors to point out which room was hers. Language barriers, you get over them.

The bedroom was spartan to say the least: It had a bed, obviously. The stone frame was covered with a thick mattress and a pile of animal pelts that were carefully made to be used as blankets. A thick pillow filled with feathers was at the head, next to a folded, thick woolen blanket of brown color. There was a shelf carved into the stone next to the bed, two spikes that came out of the wall to be used as a weapon's hanger and finally, there was a desk and a chair. A single note was left on the desk: "Make yourself at home, you are allowed to fill this room as you wish, as long as you do not overfill it. Welcome to the Bear's Den." 

Unfortunately, it was written in dwarvish. 

The next morning, bellowing laughter echoed in the corridor. 

Apparently, the squad was already awake and eating, and not too late in the morning for that matter. When had they come home last night? Were they all in their rooms? Did they not come and greet her? Either way, they were clearly eating breakfast. The smell of roasted bacon and fried eggs was all too clear. The table was covered in foot, loaves of bread cut in thick slices, butter, honey in pots, bowls upon bowls of scrambled eggs and bacon. Each dwarf was stuffing their faces. Most of them had thick beards already, but they weren't burly or "Old". They were young dwarves. The first one to wave her a greeting had a rich brown hair, blue eyes, and.. most of his face was hidden by his beard and mustache. "Oy lass! I'm Grylvak! I'm da leadah o' da Bear's squad. Well, sahn ta be anyway! Buwhahaha!" He stuffed more eggs in his mouth.
"Bwha! Dun' listen ta 'im gurl. Da ladies will be holdin' da reins on these poor lads! Hah!" Followed up one of the few girls in the squad, her blond hair and blessed features clearly showed she was a paladin. Even without the armor and fancy weapons, she was clearly shining. "Oy oy! We all kno' only da best n' strongest will lead..." Added another, light brown hair and green eyes. Then, in the opposite side of the table, was one who had white hair, not out of age, but out of natural growth. "Greetin's, I'll be yer partner in yer trainin' lass. We're da only monks in da group..." Then another dwarf cut the sentence short. "By dha way, we're several squads stuck togethah in da Bear's den. Those folks be yer squad. There's more dwarves in yer unit. Da bear's unit. We're mountaineers in trainin'. In a couple o' years we'll be sent ta Alterac! FER DA STORMPIKE!" 

A bellowing HAIL echoed throughout Ironforge. They all drank from their mugs, milk. They invited her to eat and drink breakfast, because today they'd learn how to maintain and educate the mountain rams the dwarves were so fond of.


"If ya got any questions fer us, nows da time, eh? We're leavin' all day outside. We'll be goin' ta da ranch in Dun Morogh."

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Izrial watched rather hesitantly from afar, silver eyes wide with worry as she beheld the rams which seemed incredibly large, even at a distance. Carefully, and slowly she approached under the scrutiny of their self-proclaimed squad leader, who hardly managed to stifle a smile at her fear. 

"Och, dunnae worry lassie, they dun bite! -much." At that, a few hearty chuckles sounded from the other trainees, who had gathered around to watch her interaction with the beasts. 

"Go on, nae. Give 'im a pet. We've gone an' put all the tack on, which we'll teach ye how tae do on the morrow. Fer now, jus' get acquainted."

Izrial gulped audibly, perhaps trying to swallow her strange phobia as she reached out towards the beast's nose. The ram perked an ear, beady eyes staring her down a moment before closing the distance between its muzzle, and her small hand. A smile spread across her features as she regarded the creature, who suddenly didn't seem so scary. 

"Hey! I did it!" She crowed, now beaming at her team mates. 

"That ye did, lass! Now off ye go!" Her smile faltered.

"But I- I don't know how to ride.."

"Dunnae worry, it's not somethin' tae be taught." The Dwarf hefted her lithe form up into the saddle, with help from a few of the comrades, and gave the ram a slap. 

"Off ye go!" Very girlish screams were heard as the pair rocketed off, kicking up flurries of fresh snow in their wake. 

Izrial gritted her teeth in the saddle, resisting the urge to squeeze her eyes shut as the icy wind bit at her exposed features. She gripped the reigns for dear life, knuckles white, and already frigid. 

"Heeeelllppp!" She screeched, albeit knowing her squad was far behind, and in no position to actually help her as she begun slipping from the saddle. The ram's breakneck pace never ceased, even when she was holding on with only a hand, trying her hardest to kick a foot back up to regain her place on the mount. 

After what seemed like hours to her, the sound of a herd of rams charging through the blizzard met her ears. A hand reached out to her side, and it happened to be the other monk who she had been acquainted with earlier. 

"Here ye are, lass. Grab on now, dun be scared. That's righ', easy does it. Good," she called above the raging wind, grasping Izrial's forearm, swiftly pulling her up and setting her behind on the saddle. 

"Now, to go git yers." She snapped the reigns, urging her ram to gain speed. They charged forward, until the Dwarf was close enough to grab the wayward beast's reigns. Gradually, they slowed to a halt, and reconvened with the rest of the squad, all of whom gave Izrial hearty pats on the back. 

"Ye dun good!" One called. 

"Aye, didn't even fall off!" Another seconded. She shot them all withering looks as the team made their way back to the lounge. 


Izrial sighed contently as she sipped at her hot tea, wrapped in a few furs from her bed. She was fairly engrossed in a few sets of scrolls, all of which told of the ancient land of Pandaria, a place which she desperately wanted to go at some point. She blinked, and peered up as a shadow came across her reading. 

"Lass, ye shoul' tuck in soon. We got a long day ahead of us tomorrow. More ram trainin', then some simple drills. Basic stuff, but a bit time consumin'." Izrial nodded, gathering her heap of scrolls under her an arm as she made her way to her room. 

I wonder what Xar is up to, she thought, as she drifted off into a dreamless sleep.