Mage 101 ...or 111

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Mage 101 ...or 111

Overused 111 joke is overused.

Thought I would share my knowledge of end game 4.2 Mages; Frost and Arcane.

Gemming and reforging for a Mage is different for each spec, with Frost and Fire being similar.

For Arcane, you will want;  Int > Hit to cap > Mastery > Haste > Crit

For Frost, you will want;  Int > Hit to cap > Crit <> Mastery > Haste

For Fire, you will want; Int > Hit to cap > Crit <> Haste > Mastery

Now, what does <> mean? It means that both are important to have and absolutely fine to keep at close levels in proportion.

For gems, depending on the socket bonus and spec.

Arcane. Brilliant Inferno Ruby, Artful Ember Topaz, and Burning Shadowspirit Diamond.

Fire. Brilliant Inferno, Potent and Reckless Ember, and Burning Shadow.

Frost. ((SAME AS FIRE :O))

Enchants are the same for all specs. No matter what.

Head--->Hyjal enchant

Shoulder---> Either the Inscription 130 int or the Rep 50int

Cloak--->50 int

Chest---> +20 stats is preferred, but +15 is fine if money is an issue.

Wrists---> 50 int

Hands---> 65 Mastery (Arcane and Frost), 50 haste (Fire)

Belt---> Ebonsteel belt buckle

Legs---> Powerful Enchanted Spellthread

Boots---> 50 mastery OR Lavawalker. 50 hit if below it...

Rings (Enchanters only) ---> 50 int to both.

Weapon ---> Power Torrent

Off hand (If used) ---> 40 int.

Now most of these can cost a pretty penny. Don't try and burn yourself out farming gold when getting a group for Heroics for mats is way cheaper and more fun! :D


Professions. Now, most of them give good bonuses for a Mage.

Alch- 80 stat flask

Scribe-130 over 50 int shoulder

Engineering- Glove enchant and head piece

Blacksmith- Wrist and glove socket

Leatherworking- 130 int to wrists

Herb- 430 haste ability.


Also, here are some FAQ's I get asked that I think should help.

Q: Arcane is nothing more than AB and...three ArcMissiles right?

A: thousand times no. Yes, AB is a really hard hitting move. But at four stacks it costs 600% more. Arcane is about balanecing between every move you have and not blowing CD's at the wrong time. Do this wrong and you can very easily find yourself at the bottom of the DPS charts.

Q. Why are you frost? Isn't it mainly for PvP?

A. Yes and no. The talents in Frost can be used for PvE very easily. Though CD use is AS SOON as you can. If not, it will be hard to compete with other DPS to down a boss.

Q. If I do go Frost, what armor should I use?

A. Molten. Only going to Mage if mana is being drained fast for...some reason.

Q. Why doesn't AB spam work.

A. Well, do it till you run out of mana. Completly, even with Mage Armour. Then ask again.

Q. U kan port me rhgt?

A. ....?

Anyother questions about gear, rotations, and even CD usage and the elusive Frost DPSing. Feel free to ask!~




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Oooo very useful information since I just started playing a mage lately. Thanks for posting this!

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I can write out below lv 85 helpful mage information if you wish. Above was a quick one since I did not have much time and a big edit is likely to come.