Known Issues

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Known Issues

Below are issues we already know about and are working to correct! Please refrain from making threads about these bugs/suggestions.


  • The site uses some fairly aggressive caching in some instances (meaning delays in displaying changes in some places are not bugs).
    • If you've posted a reply, added a comment, made a new blog, etc. and it doesn't show up some places (such as the lists of "recent posts" at the bottom of each page), it will show up in a bit.
    • Caching on the bottom-of-page items is currently at 5 minutes.
  • Many things were not created with old browsers in mind (and these issues will not be fixed):
    • SSL-secured site requires SNI.
    • Site was mainly built/themed with the latest browser versions in mind, some things don't work correctly in old browser versions (mainly an issue for users of Windows XP, especially with IE6).
  • Calendar/event listing on storylines, guilds, and organizations is currently disabled, as it's mostly broken due to calendar changes, until it can be re-implemented properly. It's not widely used, so not a huge loss at the moment (if someone comes to Itarater with a pressing need for it, a rush can be put on the redo).