"Help, my password doesn't work!"

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"Help, my password doesn't work!"

If you're having problems logging in, please check the following before posting or contacting me:

  1. Be absolutely sure that the capitalization of both your username and your password is correct. "Itarater" is considered a different username, for the purposes of logging in, than "itarater" -- "iTaRaTeR" would also be considered differently. The same is true of passwords: "password" is different from "Password" which is also different from "PassWOrD".
  2. Be sure that your browser isn't automatically filling in an incorrect value. Clear both the username and password boxes and re-enter them -- sometimes Firefox, for example, likes to accidentally save your e-mail address as your username, instead of your actual username.
  3. Be sure you've tried resetting your password. Good chance you've already tried this if you've got to this point, but it's always worth mentioning.

If you've checked these things and are still having problems, please feel free to post about it or contact me directly.