[A] LF Challenge Mode Gold team for the near future!

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[A] LF Challenge Mode Gold team for the near future!

I'm looking to form a CM team for 9/9 gold runs in the near future! We're looking for a tank, and two ranged DPS (preferably with lust). We need people with patience and perseverance. We've never done this before, and we're open to people with experience in challenge modes, we just ask that they don't be overly-intense and go "omg n00bz" and bail after we wipe for the 5th time. From what I can tell about CMs, they aren't something you run once, succeed, and move on to the next. They take persistence, and that's really all we ask from you as far as attitude. 

As far as gearing, as I'm sure most people know, your ilvl will get scaled down. But there are still things you'll need. You need to have enchantments on at least your weapon, shoulders, and legs. We also ask that you have at least 16 gem slots WITH proper gems. Please don't be an elemental shaman with a bunch of spirit gems. As long as you meet those gear AND attitude requirements, you'll be a welcome member of our group :) if not, you have some time, because we're still preparing ourselves. We're currently gearing one of our characters and leveling another (if I'm gonna do CMs, I'm gonna be damn sure it's the xmog set I like most of all).

So to rap up, we need committed, patient people who know their specs with shoulder, weapon, and leg enchants, and 16 proper gems! We still have plenty of time to earn that achievement, especially if we can work together! If interested, you can respond on this forum, or contact me in bnet at Scribe#1337! ^_^