[A] The Order of Goldrinn

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[A] The Order of Goldrinn

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Website: http://orderofgoldrinn.shivtr.com/

Roleplay Style: Medium

Races: Worgen and/or Humans

Level Requirements: Level 65 for Death Knights. Level 20 for all other Classes


The Order of Goldrinn is a newly formed Gilnean High Society roleplay guild dedicated to the advancement and preservation of Gilneas and her people. This guild is not about packs.The central focus is NOT the Worgen curse but the Gilnean people, culture and faction. As such, any human with a valid reason to pledge themselves to a Gilnean organization is more than welcome to apply.

I reiterate, this is NOT a pack guild. If your character rp walks on all fours, this is probably not the right guild for them.

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(Brief summaries of our storylines, taken directly off our guild site)

The Assassin:

On this year of Friday, April 13th, The Order of Goldrinn came together in their first ever group gathering. Meeting in a private corner on the outskirts of Stormwind, all seemed to be going well. With fair weather over head and eager Neophytes before them, the Goldrinn Senate informed the group of their cause and accepted any pledges that came forth. But, as they thinned out a mysterious force emerged from the Shadowy corners, assaulting Senator Khaston. The Order quickly rushed to her side, only to find themselves poisoned as the assailant fled back into the shadows. Due to the quick work of Pledge Ellisan, most of the Order was cured of their ailments. The only exception being Senator Khaston, who would later that night be cured by Bishop Claye Williamson, long time friend of the Khaston Family.

It would be no less than 48 hours later when the assailant struck again. This time, after a secret meeting at the edge of Duskwood put together by mercenary Olvistar. Bremme was abducted and taken to the location of Blackrock Mountain. Unfortunately, by the time the Order of Goldrinn could pin point his location; it was too late. Bremme had been murdered in one of the most brutal fashions imaginable, decapitation of his head and limbs. 24 hours later, a service would be held to honor the life of Bremme and the sacrifice he made for the Order. It was after this service Chancellor Khaston announced the Order of Goldrinn would no longer hold official meetings out in public, but at an undisclosed isolated location.

Able to escape the Order's assailant, the Order gathered in their secret location and have begun the trials of each Household. During which, it was discovered a more pure blood relative to House Dosett may still be alive.


 The New Order:

A small group was gathered to enter Karazhan, the fortress which believed the Dosett heir to hiding. The hunch proved correct as Lady Primrose was found. After a somewhat cold reception, the mage agreed to take her rightful place as head of household Dosett and pledge her house loyalties to the Order.

With a new leader of House Dosett, the Order continues to prepare itself for the days to come, by preparing the first generation of the Order's Pledges for the Ritual of Blood.

After several weeks of preparation, planning, Pledge work and a journey to the ancient ruins of Ahn Qiraj to repress the gathering Silithid, the Order will finally emerged from hiding. Chancellor Khaston rallied the Order on the eve of Sunday May 6th with the following message:

"No longer will we hide in the shadows, friends. Azeroth will know the strength of Gilneas once more!"

Chancellor Khaston revealed his plans to travel to Gilneas, infiltrating it to inspect for collateral damage and to test the Forsaken hold on their beloved home. The Order set off individually, finishing any unfinished business before they depart. Thursday May 10th they are set to travel to Gilneas, on foot.


Return to Gilneas:

After a long trek, the Order of Goldrinn finally arrived within Stormglen, Gilneas. Facing low supplies they quickly rallied to the nearby homes of Tempest Reach to scavenge for equipment. Although, they soon found themselves face to face with an even greater threat; the Forsaken. With one of their own wounded, the Order burnt the bodies of a nearby graves to avoid their fallen country men being raised by the Forsaken’s vicious Val’kyr allies.

The Order retreated to new, safer location within Gilneas. During their stay, they found a secret passage into Gilneas City. This passage was soon ordered to be liberated from enemy units. Unfortunately, one of their own was taken during the liberation effort and is assumed deceased. Now, they rally for an assault against their hated enemies in attempt to cripple their spread across the motherland of Gilneas.

The Order of Goldrinn proceeded to Keel Harbor in hopes of invading a premature battle with the Forsaken. Soon afterwards, the Order received word of Gilnean hostages being held within Gilneas City by the Forsaken. Hoping to find their lost member from liberating the secret passage, the Order planned a sneak attack into the City. They fought valiantly into the heart of the city. Although successful in breeching their once home, this fight came at a high price. Many were wounded and injured. They found only one hostage alive, Olvistar, who had mysteriously vanished months earlier.

Once safe, the Order questioned the rescued man. In bitter irony, it would seem this very same man would be a former associate of the Order of Goldrinn; an associate that sold them out to a mysterious assassin no more than two months ago. The heroes tied the traitor to a nearby shack only to find themselves low on supplies once more. With nothing more around to pillage but a graveyard, the Order retreated back to Stormwind. It is here they will recover from their time in Gilneas and plan a private trial for the traitor.


The Traitor:

A month has passed since the Order returned to their homeland of Gilneas. Since then, they held a trial for their so called traitor. During this trial, members of the Order acted as the jury while Goldrinn Senate made their arguments for: Death, Exile, or Pardon of crime. After some debate and dismay, the accused was pardoned of his crimes against the Order.

Since then, the Gilnean group has bolstered its ranks and properly inducted many into their fold. One has even proposed funds in exchange for further research on the Worgen curse; hoping for a permanent cure. Finally, a meeting was held in Darnassus. The Chancellor set forth plans of the future, break the Fosaken siege of Gilneas at its root; Silverpine Forest.





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Recap of the Silverpine Campaign for the Order of Goldrinn

~The Order of Goldrinn set out to Silverpine. Due to a shortage of funds, the Order set forth to Silverpine on foot; a so far perilous journey, to say the least. Between deceiving Orcs, an erupting volcano, a Dark Iron Dwarf attack, the attack on Dun Modr, and a mysterious figure appearing along Thandol Span; it is a wonder any of them made it so far. 

The Order sat in Arathi, the border of Forsaken territory, gathering supplies and investigating the local binding circles for any advantages against the growing undead. 

~The Order of Goldrinn took refuge within a small human settlement at the center of Arathi. Many of the men and women there claimed to be “The League of Arathor”, the last surviving members of Stromgarde fighting for their homeland. Finding a similar interest in their fallen kingdoms, the League of Arathi offered their quarters to the raveling Gilneas – at a small price. 
The members of the Gilnean Order were asked to guard Dakyrie’s Farm. They agreed full heartedly to the request and set off to relief the Arathor guards and take post within the farm. What appeared to be a normal night of guard duty, soon turned into a battlefield. Forsaken poured from mountains, slaughtering innocents, ravishing their farmland, and burning their crops. Although the Order of Goldrinn fought valiantly, in the end many lay dead and the farm nearly in ruins. 
The memories of their own ravished land entered the minds of the Gilnean Order; with vengeance fueling them, the Order set forth for a counter strike at Go’shek Farm. The counterstrike was a disaster; peons of the farm where able to relay an urgent message to Hammerfall, a local Horde military outpost. In response, Hammerfall sent elite soldiers to drive back the Gilnean Order. The Order of Goldrinn retreated back to the safety of the Refuge Pointe. The sustained injures set the group back heavily on their tour. 
To make their way past Galen’s Wall, the hero’s set their base camp in Stromgarde and laid siege to the Forsaken outpost located along it. Learning from their mistakes, they severed communications and were successful in pushing past the great wall. After a brief respite in the Hillsbrad Foothills, the Order finally arrives at their base camp in Silverpine, ready to make their stand against the Forsaken. 
~ The Order departed the Hillsbrad Foothills after a well deserved rest and entered Silverpine by venturing past the crater of Dalaran. Able to avoid Forsaken detection, the Order successfully arrived within Ambermill, Silverpine Forest. Finally, they had reached their destination, but the hardships only worsened. It was revealed two former Lachance Assassins had been killed in the taking of Gilneas and were raised as Forsaken. These Assassins were now acting as Deathstalkers to the Banshee Queen’s army and were watching the Order’s every move. 
Despite these assailants, the Order pushed forward and decided to hold a point between the Sepulchre and Forsaken Front, cutting off their reinforcements and supplies. But, when they moved into the area they found all but one of their Bloodfang allies massacred. The surviving Bloodfang assisted the Order in tracking down the traitor that had planned the massacre. With him defeated, the Lachance Assassin appeared to douse the hero’s flame. Proving too strong, the Assassin retreated back behind Forsaken lines and the last of the Bloodfang in the area signaled for reinforcements. Thus, the order was successful in holding the roads leading to the Front. 
The Hero’s then proceeded to cover their rear flank by taking Fenris Isle and by assaulting a powerful Demon that made its home within the Skittering Dark. Once assured these factors would be out of the picture, The Order of Goldrinn proceeded in assaulting the Forsaken Front, with the assistance of the Bloodfang Pack. The Battle was a near failure, the last of the Bloodfang reinforcements were wiped out and many of the Alliance Hero’s were defeated, but in the end, they were successful. 
With their main goal a success, the Gilnean people retreated back to Stormwind, but not before a surprise attack by the mysterious man from Thandol Span. Now they return home to the news of Theramore laying in runs and an ancient race returning to Azeroth.
The Order of Goldrinn returned from Silverpine, successful in their endeavors. They return to find Theramore crushed by the Orcish Horde and an ancient race returning to the known world of Azeroth. It didn’t take much convincing for the leaders to decide; the Order would take a much deserved break from their heroic feats to rest, relax and enjoy the company of the new found allies. 
It wouldn’t be long into their break until startling news would penetrate throughout the order. Belzac, former and distant heir to the Ashmore bloodline, was positively identified after missing for nearly a year. The former Lord of Ashmore had crash landed his own personal sail on the shores of Pandaria around the same time the Alliance and Horde founded the continent. 
After speaking to a native to the land of Pandaria, preparations have begun to take the strongest and most resilient the order has to offer to search for the once House Lord.