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[A] <Twelve Gates>

Guild Site: twelvegates.guildlaunch.com
Social Media: Tumblr @TwelveGatesRP, Twitter @TwelveGates_WRA

About Twelve Gates
Twelve Gates is a new Alliance casual RP guild on Wyrmrest Accord that intends to deliver a fresh depth to the Alchemy profession by perfecting known formulae, discovery, acquiring reagents, educating the public, and the continual pursuit of (often forbidden) knowledge.

At this point in time, we will be holding once weekly guild events. DMs will be using a /roll system. In addition, we will be hosting once monthly public education events on various topics of Alchemical interest.

GM/Contact: Vandrysse

Guild Recruitment: Open

Please visit our guild site for a fully detailed explanation of the kind of players we’re seeking to add to our ranks, what we expect of our members, and how to apply/join.

New to RP? You're welcome here. If you’re an East Coast player, you’ll love our schedule. Older players are encouraged to check us out, as we aim to create a calm, mature environment where members feel comfortable.

I have undoubtedly left something out, so if you have any questions, please post here or find me in-game :)

Thanks for reading!