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Joined: 2012/01/30

Name: Worms! :D

Your contact: Email -, or pm me either or

Status of commission: Open, but just portraits/busts right now! Worgen/Tauren ones would be awesome since I need a set of 'examples' of furry conbadges. >.> Those count right? Uh, I guess $15 for a coloured portrait/bust thinger like Rhys? :D

Samples of your art:
Link to your gallery: - Not a lot of WoW related stuff anywhere actually; since I mostly draw it for myself and similarly obssessed friends it doesn't get posted in a reaaaal gallery. Just, check my thread above... I can draw, I swear. Sometimes! :D

Other notes: NB: I'm shit at drawing girls. No, seriously. :(

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Joined: 2011/11/18

Name: Aevalyn/Gemmeh/Lindsay/Whatevs.

Your contact: OR PM me :3

Status of commission: Basically always open.

Link to commission info: Right now I'm mostly just doing $5 headshots, but I'm always willing to make adjustments if people want something else :) I'm just in University so sometimes my time is limited.

Samples of your art:  My DA is where I keep most of my art.

Other notes: I only take Paypal OR sometimes I take Blizzard store mounts/pets depending on the situation. I reserve the right to turn down a commission if I am not comfortable with the content, however, I am generally pretty open.

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Joined: 2011/11/01

Name: Call me PkThunda~

Your contact:

Status of commission: OPEN

Link to commission info: Pricing and sampled can be found Here!

Samples of your art: See above link!

Link to your gallery: See above link!

Other notes: I take paypal to the email above. Sadly, I cannot take In-game items or bartering at the current time. I draw pretty much anything, but I'm best at hot women.

[A] Amberarrow/Ortencia/Isollde/Joseaphine


Commissions: Closed

Moira Darkbloom
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Joined: 2011/10/30

I've updated my commission status:

More detailed information!

CONTENT: World of Warcraft is my fandom, but I'm willing to take any modern/fantasy comms as well. I love the steampunk aesthetic - see my gallery for more examples! I will do nudity, but nothing explicit.

PROCESS: Once you send me your character information, I'll send you 3-4 rough drafts from which to choose. Once we've decided on a pose you'd like, I'll start work on it.

DEADLINES: You will usually get a completed picture within 3 days, but I reserve the right to take a week.

PAYMENT: By paypal once the commission has been completed, submitted, and approved by you.

FRIENDSHIP: Terms of friendship are negotiable, but generally are unconditional!


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Joined: 2012/04/17

Name: Malis/Troll/Amirynth/Rynn

Your contact: PM or (if it's important ect.) email to

Status of commission: Open!

Link to commission info: Here!

Samples of your art:

Pencil: th_13thaug.jpg th_sinlai.jpgth_14thoct.jpg

Coloured pencil: th_jump-1.jpg th_14thfeb.jpg th_20thsep.jpg

Digital only: th_adenama.jpg th_sexykissingmoment.jpg th_senshifight.jpg

o_O work!: th_spiritdance.jpg th_wedding.jpg

Most recent here

MLP's: th_MLNoxx.jpg th_MLNaz.jpg th_icehole.jpg

Link to your gallery:

Other notes: I have a more chibi style though I can try my hand at others. I am still fixing/replacing my scanner so sometimes I can do pencil work with no issues and sometimes it might take a while as I need to track down a scanner.  I love drawing trolls, I am better at females than males and my favorite style is pencil with a splash of colour if my scanner is being nice to me.  My mostly naked troll who is more cute than anything is about as smutty as I get... I do like pinup, I'm just not that good at it.

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Joined: 2011/10/30

Name: arei

Your contact: PM me and please mention commission in the title

Status of commission: OPEN

Link to commission info:

Link to your gallery: dA   art tumblr. (nsfw with some reference images)

Other notes: I can only do digital art atm.  Anything else you need to know that isn't mentioned in the image above send me a note.


[A] Iulalia

Icon by Penna


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Joined: 2012/01/10

Name: C.S.L McKeand

Your contact: PM here, note on deviantART or send in game mail to Talaen.

Status of commission: Limited

Link to commission info:

Samples of your art:

Animated art sample:

Adult art (18+ only):

Link to your gallery:

Other notes: No brown.  No yellow.  No Roman.  No vore.  No excessive gore.  I am open to drawing mature subjects (het/yaoi/yuri).

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The Dancing Hare
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Joined: 2011/11/02

Name: DancingHare

Your contact: PM me here, or contact me in-game, Ornasse (Alliance), Raleth (Horde).

Status of commission: Open

Link to commission info: Prices are scaled based on how much time they take me to finish.

Icons/avatars - digital (150x150 or approximate): $5

Portrait - digital (600x600): $20 base, prices higher for more characters, lots of detail, complicated background.

Portrait - traditional media (watercolor/colored pencil) (approx 8 x 10 inches): $60 base, higher for complicated background, extra characters, lots of detail.

Custom plush: Contact me for an estimate, price will be based on a number of factors including size, complexity, and materials. Some parts may require me to order them, so a custom plush order would take considerably longer than artwork.

I have had a lot of problems with PayPal, so I would prefer not to use it to ensure a smooth transaction. I have an Amazon Payments account, I can also accept checks, or mounts/pets in-game. I am also willing to consider art trades for Ornasse (night elf druid) and Marjolaine (worgen hunter).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Samples of your art: Full-size images are at the links below, but here's some thumbnails to give you an idea of my style.

Link to your gallery:,,

Other notes:

I am good at elves, draenei, worgen, tauren and other anthro characters, animals. I worked in animation for almost 10 years so it's difficult to break the cartoony habit ;)

I am not so good at detailed armor, weapons, machinery. I generally don't like doing backgrounds, but I can if required.

Some violence/gore and nudity is fine, but please no porn. If you wouldn't want your mom seeing it, I probably won't feel comfortable drawing it.

I don't just do WoW characters! There are also some SWTOR examples in my DA gallery.

I often Livestream while I work, I will let you know ahead of time to arrange so you can watch if possible.



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Joined: 2012/06/30

Name: Allison

Your contact: PMs over the forums, in-game messages to Velaar (Alliance) or Velarys (Horde),

Status of commission: Open

Commission info: I accept payments through PayPal.

Avatars (100x100px, full color): $2
Lineart: $5*
Greyscale (shaded): $8*
Colored: $10*

* Prices might adjust by a margin of 2-5 dollars depending on the complexity of the piece.

Samples of your art: Click on the thumbnails below to see the full-sized version.


Link to your gallery: My thread on, and my DeviantArt gallery.

Other notes: I draw porn! I will absolutely draw whatever depraved sex act/gory aftermath you want to see. I live for gritty realism. As long as the participants depicted are both/all over 18, I'm not here to judge.

I don't do cutesy. Rather, I can do it, but I resent every moment of it, and that reflects on the finished piece. If you want your piece to look its absolute best, integrate elements of badassery and/or sexiness into the pose, background or character model. These are sure to captivate me.

Complex commission requests can expect an average wait time of 3-4 hours before completion. Lineart and greyscale requests can expect to wait much less - about 30 minutes to an hour.

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Joined: 2011/10/31

Name: Kiyo

Your contact: ihellboundhearti [at] gmail [dot] com

Status of commission: Open!

Link to commission info: This post!

Samples of your art: Click for full views. A couple are NSFW.

Link to your gallery: Tumblr Art Tag, DeviantART, Art Thread on

Other notes: Will draw NSFW stuff and nudies! Payments only via Paypal!

Marlo Rae
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Joined: 2011/09/25


Name: SammehChu / Marlo / Samantha Sarah Ramundo-Renaud

Your contact: In-Game Mail on Marlo / /

Status of commission: Open

Link to commission info

Samples of your art   

Link to your gallery  /

Marlo: Head of The Embersea Accord!

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Hey diddly do, neighbors!

Name: Sae/Halt/Atlus Renaud

Your contact:, or you can drop me a whisper in-game, send me a mail in-game, or contact me through my tumblr!

Status of commission: OPEN SO MUCH OPEN

Link to commission info: RIGHT HERE!

Samples of your artx x x x x

Link to your gallery: Tumblr, Deviantart, art thread here on

Other notes: I'm pretty much a 'go for anything' sort of person when it comes to drawing. It's always going to be a situation where I'd like to talk things over with you about the content, just to make sure it's what you want, and that I'm actually comfortable doing it. But again, I'm normally really good about this stuff!

Forgive me if I'm a bit slow on things- I have a lot going on in my life right now- but I can promise that anything you pay for WILL be done! 

All Alliance, all the time.
Saeureon, Halt, Atlus, Rhaoven, Latimer, Syneauv, et cetera and so forth.

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Joined: 2012/07/30


Name: Lexi Rae

Your contact:

Status of commission: Open

Link to commission info:

Samples of your art:


Link to your gallery:

Other notesRequests will be put into a queue in the order people contact me. Allow me 2-3 weeks to complete a commission from the time an initial sketch is approved. I will not draw anything that may warrant a Mature Content filter. That means no sex, provocative poses or dress, nudity, or violence/gore. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask. One you receive your commission you have full rights to use it as you please. However, do not claim that the artist is someone other than myself.

Izzy Redrust
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Joined: 2013/02/16

Name: Linn

Your contact:   is the email I use for commissions.

Status of commission: Open

Link to commission info: [Info here]

Samples of your art:  (click to see them full-size.)


Link to your gallery: I generally post my art on my tumblr, which you can find [[here]]

Other notes: I accept payment through paypal, at the email address provided above.  I generally prefer to accept payment -after- my work is done.

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Joined: 2013/11/12

Name: Rob Robbins (enter comic book name joke here)

Your contact: or you can PM me here.

Status of commission: Open

Link to commission info:

Samples of your art:  See below.

Link to your gallery: , ,

Other notes: I will not draw sexual situations. Payments are done via PayPal. Allow a few days for art to be completed. I tend to stay in contact with clients before and during the work with in progress pictures.

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Joined: 2012/02/04

Name: Tanria/Amare/Yutrio

Your contact: PM, email: (yutrio (at) gmail (dot) com)

Status of commission: Open

Link to commission info

Samples of your art: art thread on

Link to your galleryart thread on and art tumblr 

Other notes: Prices listed are approximations—they're not exact but will give people a pretty good idea on what to expect.  I'm pretty open on what I'm willing to draw—violence is fine, as well as nudity, sensual stuff and implied smut  Just don't throw weird fetishes, obscene amounts of gore and sexually explicit stuff.  Mechs and mechanical things aren't my strong point.

Payment is done via Paypal.  I reserve the right to decline a commission if I'm either not personally comfortable with the subject matter, or I feel that I would be unable to meet the standards I set for myself.

"I know this: bad guys don't think they're bad guys. They think what they are doing is right, it's the righteousness that makes them dangerous."

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Joined: 2011/10/31

Name: Asharri(H) or Winthrope (A)

Your contact: Email (, PM - (DeviantArt and Tumblr notes work too)

Status of commission: Open!

Link to commission info

Links to My Gallery:

Other notes

Payment Method: Paypal is my primary payment source for any artwork you commission from me.
On rare occasions I will accept DA points and in-game currency. Just PM, email, or message me on DeviantArt with any questions.
Commission Types: Full colored Portraits $5 (couples $7) & Half-Body $10 (couples $12)
What I Will Do: Art for you OCs, fan art from varied sources, tasteful nude or love scenes (I do not draw hardcore smut), original characters and design. 
Need to Knows: 
  • Payment will be required before any work begins. Not during or after. No refunds.
  • You will receive a sketch or line art preview given what you are commissioning me for. You will be able to ask for one modification. (I will not modify commissions after they are completed.)
  • Please credit me if you plan on re-uploading my pieces elsewhere, such as: tumblr, facebook, etc... It is much appreciated and gets the word out!
  • Do not remove my signature from commissioned work.
  • Depending on workload, works can take up anywhere from two week to a full month to complete.


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Joined: 2011/11/15

Name: Paige, Kandri, Dru (so many names!)

Your contact:

Stormtree #1351

Status of commission: Open

Link to commission info: here

Samples of your art: Images linked through commission info page

Link to your gallery: Art thread, Tumblr

Other notes: This is for my 3D models and floor plan drawings/rendering of character housing -only-.

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Joined: 2015/06/16

Name: arceelayen/askamagicalgirl

Your contact:

Status of commission: Open

Link to commission infoCLICK ME

Samples of your artGO HERE :)

Link to your gallery: see above ^

Other notes:  I retain the right to refuse a request.  

Hi! Commission me at:

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Joined: 2015/08/20

Name: Kshatriyah

Your contact: PM or email:

Status of commission: Open

Link to commission info: Tumblr Commission Post: link

                                            ArtistnClients profile: link

Samples of your art

Link to your gallery: link

Other notesPayment is upfront, When the Commission is complete:

You are welcome to post or use my work for personal use, but you must credit my me as the artist.
I reserve rights to the image.

What I can and cannot do:

I can do NSFW but you have to go through some specifics with me first.

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Name: Maya

Your contact: <3 or PM me on Tumblr at apathetic-theme-song

Status of commission: Open!

Link to commission info: Some basics here, along with art samples, but the basic gist is $10 per hour that I work on it unless you want a basic sketch or an inked bust.

Samples of your art/Link to your gallery: Mixing them together because they're the same thing for me, but general art samples are on my Tumblr's art tag.

Other notes: I can't draw smut/sexual content, gore, or too much kink stuff. I will draw tasteful nudity. I reserve the right to re-negotiate quotes if you want more than one character. I take payment in real-life money through Paypal. Payments are expected upon completion, and I'll send you a preliminary sketch for your approval.

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