WrANet Community Spotlight

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WrANet Community Spotlight

Welcome to WrANet 2.0! Below you'll find a summary of a few of the community activities, contests, etc. being handled by the Mod Team.

Feel free to look around, enjoy the site, and most importantly - get involved!


WrA Free Art Request - Ongoing. Request free art for your character provided from the goodness of the hearts of our community artists! This is strictly a volunteer program, there are no promises your character will be chosen.


WrANet Art Exchange - Completed art exchange submissions for the December prompt, Winter's Veil. Completed pieces due by 12/25!

Creative Prompts - Current prompt is Winter Veil. Prompts cycle regularly, typically on a bi-weekly schedule and are open to any format - story, picture, song, machinima, etc. Administered by Fulbreth - future prompt suggestions always welcome.

Community Spotlight

A randomly selected featuring of community activity. Guild/Organization & Storyline spotlights coming in the future

Featured Character Page (Rules found here):

Talon Silverash
"I do not believe there is such a thing as true, complete peace in one’s life. Ever the world is either in conflict or recovering from such; Neltharion may have been slain, a thing I first heard confirmation of from the Earthen Ring themselves, but Azeroth is far from healed.

I am far from healed."
-From Haunted