Site Shutdown - Dec. 13 2017

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Site Shutdown - Dec. 13 2017

Hello all,

Due to a combination of lack of use and an extreme influx of spam accounts, new account registry was shut down for the site several months ago. Since usage from existing accounts has reached stagnation, the admins of the site have decided that the site is now defunct. and its predecessor,, have been repositories for roleplayer content for more than six years. To allow users a suitable length of time to gather that content off the site and back it up, we have decided to let the site exist in archive mode for the next 6 months until Dec 13, 2017. After that, the website hosting will shut down and the content will be downloaded, archived, and stored locally.

Currently the admins do not have any plans to pass the databases off to anyone else for continued hosting elsewhere. The site's databases are pretty big, and hosting it is using a commercial service -- which, for user security, has been the solution for the past 5 years -- is fairly expensive. The admins are no longer involved in the original community and are no longer in contact with the original creator of this version of the site. If there's a serious vested interest in hosting the content somewhere in an archive mode (like the 1.0 version of, please contact us at with detailed proof of your ability/experience to do so. 

Users are encouraged to take their content off the site and back it up elsewhere (e.g., Google Drive, Tumblr, Wordpress, etc.) before December 13, 2017. 

Thanks for supporting the site. It was a pleasure to host it for the community and we hope you all have an enjoyable, exciting RP experience in the future.