Community Content Agreement

This agreement covers original works, and does not apply to third-party works, especially works used under fair use/fair dealing.

By being a participating member of the roleplay community surrounding, you agree to allow other community members to make use, without permission, of your publicly posted or performed works in ways to further their characters, roleplay storylines, or the roleplay community as a whole.

By viewing other community members content, you are agreeing to not publicly post a work centred upon another community member's character without their consent or involvement, to not make use of other community members' works for your own profit without their consent and compensation, and to not make use of other community members' works in ways that do not further your characters, storylines, or the roleplay community without their consent.

Examples (to be used as guidelines, these are not all-inclusive):

  • You MAY write a story referring to a public roleplay event in which another user's character spoke or acted in a way that evokes a reaction from your own.
  • You MAY create a work of art depicting a scene from a public roleplay session between your character and another.
  • You MAY write a story referring to another character's publicly-known backstory if it intersects with your own character's in a significant manner.
  • You MAY post a transcript of a public roleplay session.
  • You MAY NOT write a story from the perspective of another community member's character without their consent.
  • You MAY NOT publicly post a private roleplay session without the consent of those involved.
  • You MAY NOT convert another community member's artwork into an avatar/signature image without their consent.
  • You MAY NOT sell, rent, or otherwise profit from another community members' works without their consent and an appropriate offer of compensation.

Site Administrative Exception

There is a single exception to this agreement -- usage in the course of running In addition to the terms above applying to all community members, you agree to allow, including its current and future administrators and moderators, the unlimited and non-transferable rights to copy, archive, display, edit, and otherwise use or modify your works in any way necessary to keep the site running.

Examples (not all-inclusive):

  • Archived copies of your content may be made when backing up the site data files, and may be restored to a live site without warning in the event of a technical problem.
  • Edits may be made to your work when certain components break site terms of use, rules, or content guidelines.
  • Your work may be privately transmitted or copied via e-mail during discussions by the moderator team.
  • Your work may indirectly (by increasing pageviews) contribute to the site's operating costs in the event that advertisements become necessary.

In general, this exception will have little effect on anything, and is here as a precaution.