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Official WrANet Contest - Merry Christmas!

Hello! Happy Holidays, everyone!

It's time for another contest to celebrate the winter festive! The me and the mod team folks are feeling generous this time and we are offering prizes like one month WoW subs, Blizz store pets and a colored drawing from me for this contest! This is an official contest, that means it's sponsored by WrAnet donations and also we have a paint bomb TCG loot prize sponsored by the awesome Lorkai. Thank you, Lorkai!

Two Prize Winners:

Grand Prize: One month WoW time card, one USD$10 Blizz store pet of your choosing and one full color bust art of your character of choosing done by Evanlysis. (See my art thread if you want to know how my art looks like)

Runner-up Prize: One redeemable TCG paint bomb loot card, one USD$10 Blizz store pet of your choosing.


How to Win?

Topic: How does your character celebrate Winter's Veil? If he/she does not celebrate it, what does he/she do on Winter's Veil? And why?

  • Basically, answer the topic above. Must be minimum of 4 sentences! I'll make y'all work for it, muahahahaha!
  • Example: "Zain hates Winter's veil so much, he doesn't celebrate it. Instead, he pesters his spouse all day and yell at his own crewmates. He also ruins everyone else's festive mood and spoil their fun. Basically, he's a party pooper." (Just 4 sentences, see? Easy enough!)
  • Link your character's sheet with the character sheet feature so we'll know which character is "responding" to this.
  • Only ONE ENTRY per person. (Not character, the actual you - the account owner. Only entry per account. Multiple accounts is a violation to the website rules anyway.)
  • If you have questions, please do not post here. ONLY ENTRIES CAN BE POSTED HERE. Please PM me instead if you have questions. Non-entries will be deleted for organization purposes.
  • How is the judging done? There's no judging but I still want to see entrants put in some effort into their entry so you can have fun with it without worrying if your entry sucks or not (And for other people who might want to enjoy reading through the entries). Winners will be decided via random dice rolling. What I will do is, let's say we have 500 entries, I will do a /random 2-500 (because this #1 post doesn't count) and select the winner via the numbering of his/her post (E.g. if you're poster #52 on this thread, that's your number). And post the screenshot of the rolling as proof.
    Please see the previous Guardian cub contest as example - Entries and Winner.
  • No NSFW stuff because this is not marked mature content.
  • Winner will receive prizes via PM via redeemable codes. For the drawing, I will ask over PMs also and we'll discuss what the winner would like drawn.
  • Deadline: 27th December 2011 10pm Server time.
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Scarf is six and therefore she goes crazy for Winterveil.  She celebrates it almost every time she finds herself in a snowy place, regardless of the time of year.  So say that she rides on an Ettin wagon that goes through some high pass in Alterac.  The cart passes the snow line, Scarf jumps off and starts dancing around and making snow angels, while loudly singing Winterveil carols until she notices that she is utterly alone on the shoulder of some mountain and night is falling.  Then she hears a wolf howling somewhere and realizes that she is lost and has no idea how she got here.  But hey!  Look at the snow!  It must be Winterveil!  Yaay! :D

Bunny bunny bunny!

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Seashen celebrates by making tons of cookies and loads of egg nog for her and Civardi to gorge on.  She also makes pet safe goodies for her working pets and companion pets to eat.  Sookie will get a giant piece of Dalaran fudge all his own.  This year she has taken down the horrid Greench (and the respawn and the respawn and the respawn and so on ^_^ ) to make sure all the commercial holiday stuff is returned.  She is eagerly awaiting the gift under the giant tree at Ironforge and a surprise gift from Civardi.  :)  She is also working on a wooden super miniature carving of the Greench to give to Civardi's children.

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Ah, Étain.  So much has changed for her, that she doesn't know where to begin with Winter's Veil.  As a child, she and her parents would leave the city and go to Winterspring.  They'd have snowball fights, go sledding, and explore ice caves.  There was always a roast afterwards, with cookies and cocoa by the fire.  She has fond memories of falling asleep in her father's arms, wrapped in a thick, silver saber pelt.  But this year is different.  This year, her parents think she's dead.  Her friends don't know the truth of what she's doing.  And, due to injuries she received in a skirmish with some trolls, she isn't even sure she's going to make it.  She'd like more than anything to make merry with those whom she loves, but she feels so far away from them, that she'd rather not think about the holiday at all.

[H] Étain, Poercelaine, Strelká, Viridianah
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Other characters: 

Poetica, as a Death Knight, has vague memories of Winter Veil before she was taken.  She remembers laughter, snow, and Great-Father Winter.  This year, she's got her family back, and will be celebrating with them.  It will be the first she remembers clearly, and will be surrounded by those she loves.

Her goal this year?  She wants to spoil her fiancee, Fnor, and give him the hope and love that he's given to her.

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Alicein Sunsworn, known to friends and family as 'Cein', is a merry young soul.  As the rules dictate, merry young souls love the holidays and Cein is no exception.  She's been spending her days scrounging up money from her adventures for lots and lots of gifts; however, she ends up blowing a lot of it to sustain her sweet roll addiction.  Despite not having gold, Cein is throwing a holiday party for Collective and all her friends.  The holiday season so far hasn't been kind to the poor priestess, who's been kidnapped more than once, beaten up, had her life threatened, and died saving her friends in just about a two week span.  This hasn't put a damper on her high spirits, though!

Happy holidays!

[H] Alenalore, Alishira, Valmaxian, Cein, Velyndae, Jaaze, Shayotani
[A] Alaai

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Character: Ziichi Blackire-De'Fairwryn 

Ziichi's birth family (when she was under the name 'Shaida') certainly celebrated Winter's Veil, but they had very little in ways of money, and so they would instead observe the holiday quietly, lighting candles and sharing stories. Sometimes distant relatives would visit, and bring with them gifts and foods. These days, however, the woman has a new family. This year, Salarous, Marius, Alexandria and her two sisters, Dawn and Dyne, will be visiting her at she and Christiara's farm, and she'll buy a large dinner (unless Marius decides to cook, which has been known to happen.) For Ziichi, it's entirely about spending time with her family and those she loves, in a setting of peace and quiet - which is a rare enough thing, for the De'Fairwryns.

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Character: Asharri Lakefire

Following the loss of those she had once held dear, Asharri ended up swearing off all holidays. She would often ignore the festivities going on around her by immersing herself in her work - by either traveling or burying herself under mountains of paperwork. It also wasn't uncommon to find Asharri drinking heavily this time of year as well. This Winter's Veil, however, Asharri has made small efforts to involve herself with the holiday and has made it a point to have secret gifts delivered to those she works with by courier. She plans on making this a tradition.

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Vaeric Vel'Serras
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Vaeric's most "reckless" Holiday of the year, he tends to begin drinking all sorts of strange liquors fumbling about and being two seperate people entirely. The Holidays were his Little Brother Theron's favorite time, though Theron is no longer around. Two years after their Brother Senias' death, Theron could no longer stand being around anyone especially during a Family Holiday like this. He's been missing and every year Vaeric hires someone to find Theron to no avail, conflicted between celebrating his brothers memory and the pain it brings, Vaeric despises the Holiday Season, though can he be blamed?

Characters: Vaeric (Made), Theron (Unmade), Basmoore (Unmade), Senias (Unmade)

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Wilhiem is not a holiday person.

And this is not because of bitterness, or social detachment, or the scepticism. He's simply permanently pinned under a tiny raincloud that weeps misery and bad luck, and it has a tendency to peak at holidays. By now, likely, he has little to no interest in the holidays simply because of how many problems he has to prowl through.

Or maybe it's because his family is dead, and Winter Veil has always been a family holiday.

[A] Wilhiem/Hammerstorm, Drevover [H] Trouant
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Character: Arkturas

In past years, after being introduced to the holiday, Arkturas was largely uncaring.  It was not a draenei thing, so it was new to him, and he had to family to celebrate with.  So it largely passed him by, save where he make the requisite gifts to friends.

But now he has a daughter!  And he has to make traditions,  and everything has to be perfect!   So now he's tearing about in a dead tizzy, trying to learn how one cooks a turkey, and what makes a perfect tree, and what gifts to get.  He's maybe a little panicked right now.  He's not really gotten to the point where he realizes that Cherynaa is just one now, and is not likely to care or remember much!

But still.  Winterveil is soon!


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Saeyira is not very big on holidays. She feels she could better spend her time focusing on her job and on other priorities. However, her sisters usually force her to be festive with them...which inevitably means that Saeyira will be wearing a winter veil hat and some crazy holiday related items. This year, she'll probably be forced into celebrating with her lover, her sisters, and her sisters' lovers...She's sort of hoping she can convince Kutazi to turn into his tree form so that they can decorate him. 

[H] Saeyira, Altyra, Cairienn, Yamka, Gallytink, Tashabek, Takina, Alysane, Inkarai
[A] Siodhe

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Corlissa has the joy of spending this holiday with her husband for the second year in a row. Things are a lot better than this time last year. For one he didn't disappear and wasn't assumed dead for days. And secondly, it's the first Winter Veil for she and Line's twins, Florence and Jacob-Ellis! Lissa has been baking and cooking and decorated their woodland home in the 'finest' of decor! It's an important holiday and even though the babies won't remember it she wants to make sure she and Line do forever! 

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Doctor Alphaeus Streamside is a workaholic to the core. Obsessed with paperwork and bringing order to the chaotic crew of the Stormwolf, he spends the holiday season in his offices working. But even that doesn't stop him from having some holiday cheer! In an attempt to balance work and fun he helps to plan holiday events for the crew, in hopes that it serves to bring them closer together and fill in any lulls between contracts.

In his private life, Alphaeus is fairly reserved, preferring to observe the holidays quietly at home with his lover.

[<the Stormwolf>] [<Mageroyal Society>][H: Alphaeus] [A: Alaanas]


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Civardi only celebrated winterveil for the first time last year. Through out the years he simply used the holiday as a time marker for his age as well as a sign that a delightful amount of sweets would be coming into the stores; Including many holiday alcohols. He doesn't understand a lot of the holiday's traditions, such as tree's inside that you pay for, then throw things on, or the whole idea of presents. He is learning slowly though, and this year will be spending the holiday gorging himself (In his usual fashion) on anything edible that is set before him. Already the pouch of sweets he usually carries is filling with Candy canes and fudge. Pray for Seashen, for he has attempted to make Gingerbread cookies for her... The eggshells make the crunch, right?

Perhaps today -is- a good day to die.

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Elhanan’s idea of Winter’s Veil has always been spending time with loved ones, this is the first year he has had someone other than his son to celebrate it with. So, on the chosen day you would smell the delicious scent of the feast being prepared drifting from their little apartment; part of the festivities for Elhanan is spending time with his love preparing all the food for their Holiday feast.  Spread across the table would be the most fresh and delicious looking food of the season:  Soothing Turtle Bisque, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Spiced Bread Stuffing, Grilled Dragon, Poached Nettlefish and fresh Mulgore Spice bread with Black Jelly; all cooked by Elhanan and his fiancé. Later that evening they would relax in the living room for dessert, not even giving the food a chance to digest. There would be Alma’s famous Cookies, Cactus Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie; as well as Starfire Espresso, Eggnog and Hot Apple Cider also all freshly baked or brewed by the culinary duo. They usually agree on buying one gift for each of them from one another, nothing too expensive, just something to keep the giving spirit of the holiday alive and in that same tradition they would exchange them, Helios of course would buy an extra one for each of them, because he loved to spoil his loved ones. The family time and drinking would go on into the wee hours of the morning and usually ending with Gaash passing out form drinking too much and Alma and Elhanan simply deciding it is time for bed. 

[H] Elhanan, Gaash, Kiyalla, Mishael, Kiitaria

[A] Raistilin, Vahnir

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Donavic celebrates Winter Veil by roaming Azeroth and handing out heart-warming stories to people. He uses his knowledge of languages to translate his stories, so he can give them to both Horde and Alliance races. He then likes to sit by a fire in a cozy inn, sipping some cinnamon flavored brew while scribbling down some thoughts for a new story. Who knows, maybe he'll break out some of his special vials of ink and make some magical scrolls that give +240 Winter Spirit.

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Solarine, despite being a semi-religious figure, doesn't really do much for the holidays. She doesn't really have anyone with whom to celebrate, so she usually works through the holiday and picks up the extra shifts from other healers who stay home to be with their families.

This year, Sola may attend the feast presented by her House (House Bloodsworn), as she's been invited along with the others who serve the House. If she does attend, she'll likely bring her lyre and sing songs - inviting whoever wishes to sing along to do so, of course!

H: Solarine - Avarinde - Andrisia - Aeloren - Gloriamar - Safirien - Thandria - Firalaine - Jintoya
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Character: Clarene Callahan

Although Clarene has not celebrated the holidays for the past several years, she has fond memories of celebrating winter's vale as a child. He father would bring home a fresh pine that Clarene decorated with bits of cloth and winter berries. They would always have a fowl of some kind, and her father would sing happier songs. The celebrations would be very quiet, with just the two of them, and they tended to come and pass with little acknowledgement from Clare. The first snowstorm of the season seemed far more significant then the sudden presence of a tree, and Clarene has always associated the two with each other. Usually the Redridge storms were mild, even in the high mountains, but every few years an eastern gale would howl down the canyons, bringing a blizzard in its wake.

This year Clarene will have no snow for winter's vale. She is spending it with her husband in Gadgetzan, where trees are few between, and a fowl seems unlikely. The songs are the same, sung to the strumming of Lucias' guitar, or whistled as they ride across the dunes together. However even in the desert, Clarene got her blizzard. She and Lucias were trapped by a sandstorm for several days. As always, being pinned in one place has given the wild woman a chance to think, and to spend more time close to those that she loves.    

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Anyaka, as with most days when she's not fighting, spends some time at the temple. She stays quiet, as always. She does little cooking. It's not much of a kaldorei holiday, but she enjoys the sentiments. The big woman will probably spend most of the night in Darnassus with the children, and most of the day with Corkoth in Winterspring.

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Lia never really cared about the holidays on Azeroth, save for Brewfest but that's for another story.  All she knows about Winter Veil is that you give gifts to people, eat until you're about to burst, and spend time with friends and family.  Oh and there's this weird tradition about kissing people under mistletoe but no one can seem to tell her why.  So she's usually just gone about her daily business in the past.

But this year Arkturas has invited her to at least attend dinner with him and his daughter.  So now she's trying to figure out what to get for Cherynaa, whom she's never met before and knows nothing about!  Because she's actually celebrating this year she figured she might as well send her little brother and parents something.  She also has to figure out what food and drink to bring for dinner.

Why you do this last minuet Ark?

[A] Iulalia

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For Roseleen, Winterveil has always been about spending time with her family, remembering all the sacrifices that her forefathers made trying to keep the clan alive and going. As the youngest in the family, its been hard with her brothers lost to the wars,so she's trying to hold things together for her parents,and keep their hopes up. She's hoping for one small miracle of finding her big brother Ioane,who had been reported missing,and bringing him back home to their parents for Winterveil.

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Cristianno finds Winter Veil a difficult time as he remembers his mother and father and how much he misses them. Back with the Darkmoon Caravan, he would join the festivities around the bonfire and watch the dancing and celebrations. However, by himself, Winter Veil had been just another day. This year, with Alaia in the picture, Winter Veil is going to be very memorable.

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Thane does not typically celebrate Winter's Veil. He's been exposed to it relatively lightly in recent years, through the merger of the Kaldorei with the rest of the Alliance. Keeping to himself and his duties as per usual is what the day normally entails, however, this year may be different. With the Gilneans taking refuge in Darnassus, it hasn't been uncommon for Thane to take part in some of their traditions and festivities over the past year. With his peers, a sincere effort has been made to help the Gilneans feel welcome and at home, so for this Winter's Veil, the priest will be in Darnassus, breaking a fast to feast with his neighbors and friends.

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Alma has actually stopped celebrating Winter Veil since the death of her father nine years ago. But this year is the first year that she is spending it with her Fiancé, Elhanan Lightmender. As the Bake-aholic she is, she made cookies, cakes, and cactus apple pie for her friends,  guests of their home in Thunderbluff, and many donations to the Orphanage in Orgrimmar. She even sent out cake and firewater to her new adoptive son, Gaash, who is still out on the Firelands front. The day will mostly be spent with Elhanan, with home cooked meals all day, and spending her time cuddled up on Spirit Rise and enjoy the festivities going on in the city, followed by some dragging to sing carols as well. She is most excited though for her small gifts in mostly cloth and enchanting items, but most certainly the lovely set of green Christmas clothing with some lovely incense candles for an evening of passionate love making.

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Macaw has only recently been introduced to Winter's Veil. He has one opinion on this holiday:


Those are the best inventions ever.

No, seriously. He wants everyone's presents, not just his.

He is a greedy, grasping little sin'dorei boy, and this extends to gifts, too. Celebration for Macaw involves harassment, every day decorations are in view, of all aboard the Swiftblade, as well as harassment of strangers that have the unfortunate "luck" to encounter him.

At least he'll forget all about it when the decorations come down. [Until next year...]

H: Menotoa/Meros, Macaw/Limthala, Penumbral, Jianu, Noneta...
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The strange sweater itched like nothing Kahlani had ever worn before. She found herself compelled to scratch at it in many spots, almost as if doing a strange jig with her arms. Despite the discomfort, she enjoyed wearing it, for something about its smell rang true to her. The blend of fresh cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and... cardamom, was it? It smelled an awful lot like her ol' nana's spicecakes, even down to the gentle warmth it brought. She and her father would use to spend the day together eating spicecakes, finishing the day off by leaving a single candle in their windowsill, where they would each tell each other what they wished would come with the new spring, once the bitter cold of winter has subsided.

It has been many years since Kahlani has done anything for winter veil. Despite the fond memories, she found herself unable to feel the same passion for the Smokeywood Pastures' Winter Veil. Not because she had anything against goblins or the Jinglepockets, but because it just didn't feel like Winter Veil to her. However, this year, the strange colorful sweater brought a new smile to her face. That night, before turning in, she lowered her head, whispering to herself, and set out a small, fresh candle on her windowsill.

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Character:  Eishashin Dawnbrook

Winterspring as always is lovely, tranquil, white, and cold.  It posesses the vast silence of snowy regions, not even the noises of any woodland creatures making it far before the snow swallows them up.

Until the giant snowball rolls through, blue headlights blazing.  Laughing goofily.  In a necromantically warped, echoing alto.  Really, it's not the kind of laugh you'd expect out of that kind of voice. The snowball is nonetheless cackling like it's done hard time on nitrous oxide anyway.

It's gotten up a good turn of speed before it fetches up against a tree and shatters with an "Ow!", revealing a petite elf woman with hair the same color as the snow and a hideous sweater who continues giggling like crazy while rolling around like this is the greatest thing in the world.  With a big whoop, the death knight finally picks herself up, singing a particularly crude Winter's Veil carol parody in Thalassian as she charges up the slope she came rolling down.

Then she does it all over again.

Over in Everlook, a mile away, the residents aren't particularly amused.  But the Thalassian speakers amongst them definitely have their vocabularies expanded.



[A] Kanai, Aschai, Glodson, Shurya, Adek
[H] Kurz, Eishashin, Eldinar, Takhewe

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Character: Roly Poly Fish Hea- I mean Giovanni.

Everything was perfect. Piles of day old fish sat reeking around the small room; gifts from his close aquaintances. Gio didn't really care for Winter's Veil, but who was he to stare a gift horse in the mouth? Especially if it meant free stuff. Sadly, he never did get that Frostbrood Vanquisher he had always wanted, but at least he had the fish...and his extended family. Birds surrounded him, tearing into the fish and making happy, feeding bird noises. 

Clothed in a gaudily coloured sweater, Gio nibbled quietly on a fish-shaped treat.

Eat them up, yum.

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Other characters: 

He doesn't celebrate Winter's Veil. It's his first year even witnessing the tradition, although he has read up on it in case it was something he needed to be aware of for courtesy's sake.

As it turns out, it wasn't anything he needed to concern himself with because it was really just a ploy set up by the Steamwheedle goblins to make some money during the winter months. The Darkspear only celebrate it if they are the outgoing sort with a preference for Orgrimmar. The more traditional of the trolls keep to their own customs, separate of the trappings of greed. They have no need of his presence during their private gatherings.

For that, Kite is grateful. He is, despite the change in allegiance, still one of the Zandalari. His beliefs are the old ways, as is proper. He takes not to the streets for caroling, but to some outlying island off the coast of Desolace, which is as far from home as he can possibly be.

He would have stayed closer to the Darkspear islands, only his choice in company is less than welcome there. In fact, Oti'eno and his sandy slave would be unwelcome almost anywhere, chiefly because of Oti's sour disposition. Nonetheless, Kite and Oti are of the same stock. Between the two of them, perhaps they can observe a proper winter's feast.

That is, if Oti'eno can stop being such a complete tosser long enough for it.

“Oh, stop complaining,” Kite tells his companion, good-naturedly. “At least we still have our health.”

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Alkrenon finds amusement in the holiday, the manner in which most of the native population of Azeroth greet and welcome the winter solstice with celebration and - best of all - gifts; he still can't exactly find the relation between one and the other. He looks at Dorien, reading his umpteenth book, and notes the human's lack of spirit and cheer which, he muses, must be odd since the rest of his people seem more enthused. The far-sounding laughter outside contradicts with the eerie silence inside. He wishes Dorien would do the stupid things humans do during his stupid holiday and be a normal human being - because Alkrenon really wanted to join in and pretend he didn't like it.



"I'm looking forward to regretting this."