Vandrysse Dyce

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Player character
5' 4"
It's not easy to discern what this woman's career might be; while she appears physically fit, her musculature is not heavily defined like that of a warrior or guard, and her form still maintains soft, gentle curves. Her auburn hair runs shoulder-length, the color complementing her cinnamon eyes. Often she appears thoughtful; perhaps too much at times, as whatever the preoccupation might be weighs heavily upon her mind. 
While she can wear almost anything well, she is frequently seen in tailored dresses. A prayer book with an ornate metal cover is attached to her belt by a polished chain. Any make-up is minimally applied. A delicate scent of roses follows wherever she goes.
Her voice is low, almost sultry but without the seductive edge; it belongs in a tavern somewhere, after a few drinks.
Township of Lakeshire
Township of Lakeshire

Vandrysse served with the 7th Legion; the highlight of her career was being stationed at Wintergarde Keep.  She was discharged shortly before the assault on Icecrown Citadel began. There was a brief, non-existent marriage that she rarely speaks of.

While it's no secret that she formally separated from the Cathedral of Light, Vandrysse has been known to hold lectures on Light philosophy, easily putting her at odds with the more devoted (and fanatical). Still, amongst those that might have been shunned from formal sermons - but were welcome to hers - to this day they discreetly recommend her to those searching for unconventional answers on the Light ... and the Shadow.

Vandrysse married again to Dr. Ellister Thorley. She served as secretary to the Mageroyal Society, an organization that she and the doctor founded to help serve the community through education. During her second marriage, Vandrysse dabbled in self-employment as a baker and owner of The Bunnery, located in Thelsamar, where the pair had lived. The two are no longer together.

These days, Vandrysse has returned to her hometown of Lakeshire in Redridge Mountains, to pursue her studies in alchemy.

Her parents, Roldan (father) and Tynea (mother), are deceased. She has one son, Vallaunius Roldan Dyce (alias: Ortelius Crozier), who is missing.