Ulric Suncrusher

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In-game name: 
Character type: 
Player character
Master Blood Knight
Blood Elf
Intense Green
Physicaly well built

Asher often stands out in a crowd let alone a crowd of Blood Knights he is armored from head to toe in heavy bulky Plate and sports the colors and tabbard of the shattered sun offensive. slung over his shoulder and resting on his back is his sunwell crest and attached to his hip is a heft one handed Mace that appears old and ornate and defiantly of dwraven making. The mace has a definitive aura of holy energy as does his suit of armor however this aura of power is not a calm tranquil aura but rather a intense righteous aura. 

For those few he trusts enough to remove his helm his face is that of a battled hardened veteran of countless wars and battles. His once Night black hair often tied in a tight pony tail shows streaks of platinum. the flesh of of face seemed rough and hardened due to the countless scars that one could easily imagine go well beyond the visible flesh of his neck and head. His eyes have an intensity to them that often causes unease of those around him. as if when he is truly focus on someone not only is he seeing into them and through them but every ounce of his focus is on receiver of his gaze.



Before joining the order fo the silver hand Ulric served as a Knight within the armies of the Alliance of Lordaeron during the second War. from his achivments during the first war he was given command of forces and saw many sucesss as a commander and as a guadian. He would take many of the hard lessons learned into his service to the Silverhand and as a palidian combining his roots as a priest and his present as a warrior as a Palidian. 
He joined the Argent Dawn and quickly became a chamipion within thier ranks. After the scourging and the befoulment of the Sunwell and the loss of his wife and newborn son Asher renounced the Light as many Knight had following in the footsteps as Lady Ladrin he became a Blood Knight and poured himself into thier cause. His service within thier ranks would be mared later on by the truth of thier betyal. He found his way and Joined the Shattered sun Offensive. He served in the Northrend Campains once agian leading men and women into combat He was very involed with the argent cursade and opbtained the rank of cursader. after the wraith gate he was recuirted to servie with the Kor'kron Elite.
Currently; Retired Knight Lord of the Retainers of the Sunwell, a regiment of Blood Knights, who follow and adhere the teachings of the Light. He was last seen serving with the druids in Mount hyjal as well as commanding and leading forces within the firelands to support the molton front. 
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